User Login to AD

Password Depot uses LDAP (instead of WinNT). A user UPN (User Principal Name) can be retrieved from the Active Directory. However, this feature is only available after manual or automatic synchronization with AD in the Server Manager.

This means that Windows domain users can be authenticated on the Password Depot Server by using both forms of "User logon name":

1) <NetBIOS domain name>\<sAMAccountName> - this is the classic WinNT form (before Windows 2000)


2) Main user name (which normally is shown as <sAMAccountName>@<DNS domain name>)

EXAMPLE: [email protected]

3) If you do not have multiple users with the same names from different trusted domains in the network, a user can use the simple form <sAMAccountName→.


This means that a user from AD can use exactly the same credentials for logon on the Enterprise Server he also uses when logging on to a Windows domain account.