Add Database to Server

You can open this dialog window if you go to the Databases area and click New database on the right. This way you can create new databases on the server. The dialog window contains the following tabs:

  • Add existing database
  • Create new database 

Add Existing Database

Select this tab to add an already existing database to the server. You may need this option, for example, if you would like to add a database to the server that has been saved to a user's local system so far.

  • Click the Browse button to find the corresponding database.
  • Enter the database's correct master password into the Master password field. By default, it is hidden and not displayed in plain text. Click the eye icon to reveal it, if required.
  • Finally, click OK to finish.

NOTE: Local databases protected by a key file or master password and a key file are not supported. To change the authentication of your local database, please read the following article: How can I change database authentication in Password Depot?

NOTE: If you add an already existing database to the server, it will be copied to the server's database directory. Furthermore, the database's master password is converted to the Server Manager's admin password automatically.  

Create New Database

Select this tab to create a new, empty database and save it to Password Depot server. Enter a database name first. You can also add additional comments to the Comments field, if required. 

NOTE: Server databases are always encrypted with the super administrator's password, thus the master password of server databases always corresponds to the super administrator's password. To access server databases, however, clients will use the access credentials assigned to them by the administrator (depending on the authentication set by the server administrator).