Assign Database

The Assign database option is located in the Users and Groups area on the right. 

Select one or multiple users/groups. Afterwards, click Assign database. Two tabs are available in the Assign database to dialog box:


In this tab you can assign databases to single users and/or groups. Furthermore, you can also use this feature to assign a database to multiple users and/or groups at the same time or to create a new database and immediately assign this one to users and/or groups, too.

Selected accounts

You can see here all users or groups that have been selected for database assignment. All users and groups that have been checked here will have access to the corresponding database once the database assignment process has been completed. 

Select an existing database

Select an already existing server database from the drop down-menu. This database will then be assigned to all checked objects in the Selected accounts area. 

Create a new database

You can create a new database and assign it to all checked objects in the Selected accounts area.

Create a private database

You can create a new private database for every checked object in the Selected accounts area. This feature is helpful if you have many server users and would like or have to additionally provide private databases to all these users. Those private databases include the corresponding user name of the user they were created for and thus can easily be detected. For example, a private database that was created for the user "John Smith" will be displayed in the Server Manager with the following description: Private_DB_John Smith.pswe. You can also create private databases and assign them to groups. 


In this tab you can set permissions at database level for the databases you would like to assign to single or multiple users/groups at the same time. All selected users/groups will then have the same rights at database level. However, we recommend performing detailed rights management for users and groups in the database permissions dialog box.