Client Security Policies

The Client security policies allow you to define various features for all Corporate Clients through the Server Manager. In order to take effect, Client security policies must be activated first in the Server Manager. For more information about the Corporate Edition of Password Depot, please click here.


Master Password Policy

Allows you to specify requirements the master password needs to fulfill when creating local databases with the client. 


Enforce Password History: Determine the number of new master passwords a user is forced to use or create before an old or previous password can be reused.


Maximum Password Age: Determine a special period of time (days) a master password can be used by a user before he will be asked by the program to change it.


Minimum Password Age: Determine a special period of time (days) a master password must be used by a user before changing it.


Minimum Password Length: Determine how many characters a master password needs to have at minimum.


Password must meet: Determine how many different character types a master password must include at least (Lowercase, Uppercase, Special, Numbers). 


NOTE: These settings refer to the master password only, but not to any entries within a database!


Allowed Storage Policy

You can determine here which locations (e.g. local system, cloud services etc.) clients should be allowed to use for storing databases.


Actions Policy

Specify whether actions such as printing or exporting should be allowed.

New options in version 15 are:


Program Options

Allows definition of security relevant program options.