Database Properties

In the Properties of a database you assign access rights to users and groups.


In the General tab you can have a look at basic information about the selected database. For example, you can see here how many users are currently connected to it.


In the Security tab you can add users or groups to the database so that they will be able to access it afterwards or you can delete users or groups if you do not want them to have access to the selected database anymore.

In the bottom area of the dialog window you will find the Permissions on the database and Permissions on entries and folders tabs.

Permissions on the database

Highlight a user or group in the upper section of the security tab in order to define permissions on the database for the selected element.

Please find more information about this topic in Rights administration in Password Depot Enterprise Server.

Permissions on entries and folders

In general, permissions of a user or group should apply for the whole database. However, if you wish to grant special access rights also within a database, you can do this in the permissions on entries and folders tab. You can define access rights for individual folders or entries here.

Different permissions are available here and you can choose from the following:

  1. Access to entries
  2. Read entries
  3. Modify entries
  4. Add entries
  5. Delete entries
  6. Access expired entries


The permission Add entries is new in version 14 in this tab. With this option, the administrator can decide whether users/groups should also be able to add/create new entries in folders and sub folders of a database, too.

For more information about this topic, please read our article Rights administration in Password Depot Enterprise Server. 


NOTE: Both tabs Permissions on the database and Permissions on entries and folders include different formatting since version 14. By default, all options/permissions are depicted in green and bold letters. This means that all these permissions are allowed to users. Apart from that, all denied options/permissions are depicted in red and bold letters as well. This way, the administrator is able to recognize from the start which permissions have been allowed or denied to different users and groups.


In the Advanced tab you can define whether you want to monitor and log all cases of user access to entries and whether users must specify a reason for deleting any entries.


NOTE: You can adjust default settings for these permissions in the server manager using the option Server Policies.