Installation and Running

Ideally, the network administrator will install Password Depot Enterprise Server on the server computer of the local network. However, it is also possible to install the Enterprise Server on any computer accessible in the network. In order to do so, the computer must be assigned a fixed IP address in the local network.

NOTE: You may install the Enterprise Server (e. g. for testing purposes) on your local computer. In this case, to access the server using Password Depot, specify the server address or localhost.


Installation as Windows Service or 

Windows Application

Password Depot Enterprise Server can run in two modes: As normal Windows application or NT Service. By default, the server is installed as NT Service during installation. To install it as Windows application, select the according option while installing.

IMPORTANT: Upon installation you must decide whether you want to install Password Depot Enterprise Server as service or application. If you select the service option the service will be set up during installation. It is recommended to install the server as service.

If installed as service, the server will be listed as Password Depot Enterprise Server 15. Please use the Windows control panel to start or stop the service.

If you have installed the server as application, you will find it in the program folder (by default this is C:\Program Databases \AceBIT\Password Depot Server 15 in Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 and C:\Programs\AceBIT\Password Depot Server 15 in XP).

Since version 14 onwards the Password Depot Enterprise Server supports 64-bit architecture.

Server Manager

The Server Manager is a separate managing tool for Password Depot Enterprise Server. It allows administration of the server. Further, many different options can be set up with this tool. You can access the Server Manager only from the computer the server is executed on.

To open, click Start and choose from the start menu AceBIT -> Password Depot Server Manager 15.

The server will be installed with the following default login credentials:


User name: Admin

Password: admin


IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to change these default credentials (for the user admin) in the Server Manager following installation. To do so, go to Users -> admin -> Account in the Server Manager and change login credentials under "Use Password Depot authentication".


Normally, Password Depot Enterprise Server starts automatically on Windows start-up and runs in the background on your computer. If you set up the server to run as NT service, it will start under the SYSTEM account and does not require a user to be logged in.

Update Manager 

Since version 14, Password Depot Enterprise Server works with an integrated update manager. Hence, the server administrator will receive a notification as soon as a new version is available for download. This feature is available under Help -> Search for updates.