Password Depot Enterprise Server is an extension for Password Depot. With the Enterprise Server, users can share databases stored to a server. The desktop client for Windows is the main program that is also used for Enterprise Server connection. Apart from that, you can also access the Enterprise Server with our macOS edition or mobile apps (Android & iOS). Server databases can be opened and modified using one of these clients. 


Password Depot Enterprise Server is installed on a computer in the local network. The server administrator is mainly working with the Server Manager, a separate tool for Enterprise Server management and configuration. In the Server Manager, the administrator can create new databases, add users and groups to the server and assign them databases. Users can get access to entire databases or parts of it only.


In general, you can provide access to a server database to multiple users and define different access rights for your users within the same database. In this case, every user will have a different view of the provided database.


Users with access to server databases can open them in the client. For Enterprise Server connection the following data is needed:



The user's access data is defined by the administrator. Login to the Enterprise Server can either be performed with a local user (username & password), through Integrated Windows Authentication (SSO) or Azure AD Authentication


Apart from that, the administrator can define further server settings in the Server Manager, for example installing a certificate if an SSL connection is required, activate 2 Factor-Authentication, set up notifications for specific events and define global server policies etc.


All transferred data is always encrypted with ephemeral keys using the AES 265-bit algorithm. Clients communicate with the server through TCP/IP protocol (IPv4/IPv6). This way you can ensure GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.




With Password Depot Enterprise Server 


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