New Notification

You can open the New notification dialog box by clicking the New notification button in the notification toolbar. This way, you are able to create a new notification. In total, this dialog box consists of two tabs: General and Advanced.


Here, you can adjust settings as follows:

In the drop-down menu on the left at the bottom edge of the dialog box, you can enter the email address or select an already existing one from the list. Then, click Add in order to add the specified email address to the list.

If you wish to replace an email address, select the one which had been used so far, then, enter the new email address in the empty field down on the left and click Replace.

In order to delete an email address, select it from the displayed list and click Delete.


You can define here whether you want a notification for certain events to be limited to specified databases, database entries or users. 

There are two options available here:

Users and Groups

All users and groups: Select this option if you wish the notification to apply to all users and groups.

Selected users and groups: You can choose this option in order to select individual users and groups which you want to receive this notification for.


All databases: Apply the notification to all databases.

Selected databases: Allows you to select specific databases which you want the notification to apply for.

Selected entries: If you set up a notification which refers to individual entries, this option is available, too, so that you will be able to select a specific entry from a database this notification should be sent for.