In the Notifications area you can set and manage specific notifications which should be sent to selected persons by email if certain events occur. 

The main view of the Notifications area displays the following columns:

  • ID: Every notification created on the server contains a specifc ID, starting from 1. For example, if you have created 10 separate notifications on the server, they will be assigned the IDs 1-10. The first notification added to the server will be assigned the ID 1 and all other notifications will be assigned the corresponding ID depending on the order created on the server.
  • Type: Displays the type of notification or moreover the event the corresponding notification should be sent to the recipients.
  • Notes: You can add individual notes to be included in a notification. These notes will then also be displayed in the Notification areas main view.
  • Recipients: Displays the recipient(s) (email address) of a particular notification.

Besides, more options are available on the right:

  • New notification: Using this button, you can create a new notification on the server.
  • Properties: Click this button to open the notification properties dialog box, for example to edit an already existing notification.
  • Delete: Use this button to delete already existing notifications and remove them from the Server Manager.
  • Select all: Select all notifications displayed in the main view. You can then perform further actions which will be applied to all notifications available in the Server Manager.

HINT: You can also access these options by right-clicking a notification from the list. Apart from that, you can also filter the main view, for example if you would like to search for a specific notification. To do so, enter parts of the corresponding notification type to start search.