In order to get a better overview of users and databases on the server you can generate reports in the Tools menu.

You can either print these reports or save them using various formats (.html, .mht, .txt).

Databases Report

By using the option Databases report you can generate a report which lists all databases from Password Depot Enterprise Server. Furthermore, with the databases report, you will also get an overview of users and their individual permissions and you can see which user has access to which database. This report can be saved and printed.

Granted permissions are shown by a  in the corresponding column, whereas Denied permissions are represented by an empty field. The columns are arranged the same way as they are in the advanced tab in the database's properties.

Users Report

By using the option Users report you can generate a report which lists all user accounts from Password Depot Enterprise Server. In addition to that, you will also see which databases are assigned to which user and the users report also shows individual access rights of every user for every database. This report can also be saved or printed.