The Databases area contains all databases available in the Server Manager. Here, you can add new databases to the server or manage and delete already existing ones. Apart from that, users and groups are assigned general and detailed access to server databases in this tab.

In the main view of the Databases area you can see all existing server databases, their size, the time and date of the last access as well as the total number of entries. Besides, the main view also displays a Connections column where you can see how many users are currently connected to each database available. If many single databases are available on the server you can filter the main view by using the filter box at the top. To do so, enter a database name or parts of it, for example.

Besides, more options are available on the right:

  • New database: Using this button you can create a new or add an existing database to the Enterprise Server. A new dialog window called Add database to server opens subsequently.
  • Permissions: In the Server Manager, rights management is done in the permissions tab. By clicking the button of the same name you will be forwarded to the main view where you can see a list of all users/groups who have already been granted access to the selected database. Apart from that you can see a user's effective rights at database level as well as for single folders and entries at the bottom of the main view. For specific rights management, please select a user or group from the list and double click it. A new dialog window opens where you can set individual user/group permissions. To open the Permissions tab you can also select a user from the list in the main view and click the Properties button on the right.
  • Properties: A new dialog window opens where detailed information about a database is displayed. For example, you can see here all users currently connected to the corresponding database. Besides you can get further information about the file type and size and you can see the exact date and time the database was last modified. For more information about a database's properties please click here
  • Delete: Use this button to delete already existing server databases. If another user is working with the corresponding database at the same time, they will receive a notification about the deletion upon database saving. Databases deleted in the Server Manager are also removed from Password Depot Enterprise Server's working directory. 
  • Rename: Rename a selected database.
  • Select all: Select all databases displayed in the Server Manager's main view. You can then perform further actions which will be applied to all server databases.

HINT: You can also access these options by right-clicking a database from the list. Apart from that, you can also filter the main view, for example if you would like to search for a specific database. To do so, enter the database name or parts of it to start search.