Server Manager

The Server Manager is a separate tool which provides quick and easy access to all features for maintenance and configuration of Password Depot Enterprise Server. You first have to connect to the Server Manager with the super administrator's access data to see the features described below and start with the server configuration.

WARNING: Only the super administrator or other people authorized to access the Server Manager and perform server configuration should know the admin password. Please note that anyone knowing the adminstrator's password will have access to the Server Manager which means that they will also have access to the server administration!

The Server Manager's navigation area is divided into five sections:

  • Databases: This section is used for creating new databases on the server. Besides, you can manage new databases as well as already existing ones.
  • Users: This section includes features for managing the users on the server. You can add new users to the server here or manage already existing users.
  • Groups: In this section you can create new groups and add new users to these groups. Besides, you can manage already existing ones. 
  • Notifications: In this section you can set up email notifications for certain events. 
  • Log: This section displays any server activity of the users and groups.

If you click the server's IP address in the Server Manager's navigation area, basic information about the Enterprise Server will be displayed:

  • Status: You can see here if the server is running or if it has been paused.
  • Server address: Displays the server's IP address.
  • Server port: Displays the default port number which is used for Enterprise Server connection.
  • Running since: Displays the date the server has been put into operation for the first time.
  • Server version: Displays the latest server version or server build of the current main version.
  • Updates available: You can see here if new updates within the same main version are available for installation.
  • Installed licenses: Displays the number of users allowed on the server at maximum (server size).
  • Registered users: Displays the number of users already registered on the server.
  • Connected users: You can see here how many users are connected to the server at the moment.
  • Installed databases: Displays how many databases are installed on the server in total.
  • Mirroring: If you activated server mirroring in the Manage area the state of server mirroring is displayed in the Server Manager's main view.

NOTE: In case you may forget the password for the Server Manager login you will have to perform a workaround to get access again. Should this case arise, please read the following instructions carefully: How can I "reset" the administrator's password in Password Depot Enterprise Server?