If you have already worked with an older Enterprise Server version and would now like to upgrade it to a new main version, you can easily migrate the server. Please note the following:

The Enterprise Server can only communicate with Windows clients of the same main version. This means that you cannot access the Enterprise Server of version 15x using a Windows client of version 12x and vice versa. Therefore, you always need to upgrade both, your Windows clients and the Enterprise Server to the new main version at the same time.

This is different concerning the macOS, Android and iOS editions. From version 15 onwards you can also connect to older Enterprise Server versions (for example, connecting with the iOS app of version 16 to the Enterprise Server of version 15, 14 or 12). To do so, upon connect you have to select the correct main version in the login dialog window. The port will then be changed automatically according to the selected main version. 

When upgrading to a new main version you can migrate all databases as well as your users and server settings. In our knowledge base you can find instructions on how to migrate the Enterprise Server step by step and we recommend, following the instructions carefully to avoid problems. If you carry out the migration step by step, the whole process should only take some minutes. You can find the detailed instructions here:

 How to migrate Password Depot Enterprise Server to a new main version?

NOTE: You can also follow the instructions in our knowledge base if you want to move your current server installation to another machine/server. The procedure is the same as when migrating the server to a new main version. The only difference is that you will have to install your current main version of the server on the new machine, too. The directories on the new server will then correspond to the directories on the old server (provided you use the default directories). Basically, you only have to install the Enterprise Server of the same main version on the new machine and afterwards, copy your databases and the cfg file to the new server as described in our knowledge base. 

If you migrate from a very old version to a newer or the current one, first, please have a look at the knowledge base article below:

How to migrate from a previous version to Password Depot Enterprise Server 12?