Server Mirroring

The Server Mirroring dialog box can be found in the menu item Manage.

Server mirroring is used in network management to create an exact replica of a server. This replica is continuously created on run time. With the server mirroring feature in Password Depot Enterprise Server administrators can duplicate the entire content of their server on another remote or in-house server. This way, you can restore your data in case the primary server fails. Through server mirroring in Password Depot Enterprise Server you can synchronize and backup your data from the primary server to a backup server.

In Password Depot Enterprise Server, server mirroring is implemented as follows:

If you have two machines running Password Depot Enterprise Server (the software must be installed on both machines accordingly), you can organise server mirroring. One server must be the Principal server which runs as usual, that is users connect to this server to open shared server databases. The other server will be the mirror server. Users will be able to connect to the mirror server too but they can only use it in read-only mode. The Principal server updates and synchronizes the data on the mirror server in the background on run time. In case the main or principal server should fail, administrators can activate the mirror server as principal server so that users can continue to work and still access the data stored to Password Depot Enterprise Server databases.

To set server mirroring in the Server Manager, please proceed as follows:

Server role

Select a server role first.

  • No mirroring if you do not want to use server mirroring at all
  • Principal if the server you are currently connected to should be the main server
  • Mirror if the server you are currently connected to should only be the mirror server

Server network addresses

Here, you can define the server addresses and ports of both the principal and mirror server.


Here, you can always see the current status of server mirroring, for example if the process was carried out successfully or if it failed. In case server mirroring should fail, an error message will be displayed in the status box. It also contains additional information about the general configuration of your current server mirroring in Password Depot Enterprise Server.


  • Both servers must be configured with identical settings. The Enterprise Server should be run as a Windows service. Ensure that the same keyboard layouts are in use on both Server A and Server B.  
  • Grant full read and write access to the specific program directory of the Enterprise Server, limited to only those user or service accounts required for operation.  
  • Check the firewall settings on both servers. It's essential to allow incoming and outgoing TCP/UDP connections over Port 25017 (the default port for Version 17).  
  • Log in to both servers using identical user credentials.  
  • Ensure that the roles of "Principal" and "Mirror" are correctly distributed between the two servers. The Principal server is generally responsible for the primary data processing, while the Mirror server acts as a backup.