The menu item Tools includes further options for server configuration. The following features are available here:

  • System log
  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Azure AD Synchronization
  • Databases report
  • Users report

The menu item Tools therefore is of importance if you would like to add Active Directory or Azure AD users to the Enterprise Server so that they can log on on the server either using their Windows NT or Azure AD access credentials to open server databases. To do so it is required in any case to perform Active Directory or Azure AD synchronization using the integrated synchronization wizard to import users to the server. 

With the System log button you can generate the server log which will then be displayed in the Windows Event Viewer. For example, should you notice any errors occurring on the Enterprise Server you can have a look at the system log and explicitly search for errors here.

Creating a databases and users report may help you to get a better overview about your server databases and users. 

The following chapters include further information and details about the Active Directory and Azure AD synchronization as well as about creating and using the available reports.