Add/Modify entry - Tab URLs

When you add or modify a password entry, you can modify both its default URL and link it to other URLs. To so do, please open the tab URL in the windows for adding/modifying an entry.

Default URL

Enter the URL of a website or the path of a file you would like to use with this entry.

NOTE: This field doesn't support wildcards (*). In order to add masks with wildcards in them, use the list below this field.

Associate account with following URLs

Below, you can associate the selected entry with other URLs that use the same login data. In this way, you do not need to make separate entries for each of these URLs anymore.

EXAMPLE: For instance, the same password and user name might be used on the websites and

In the URL dialog window, you have following options:

NOTE: Since most websites use as well URLs with www. (e.g. as URLs without it (e.g., masks like ** work best.

Add URLs

When you add URLs, you can either enter precise URLs or use masks for them. In such a URL mask, several characters can be replaced by a specific single character. In Password Depot, this replacing single character is represented by an asterisk (*) that can be placed at the beginnening and/or end of a URL.

EXAMPLE:* includes both as well as

EXAMPLE: ** includes all possible sites of this domain.

NOTICE: The button Add only becomes active and usable (recognisable by the button's change in color from grey to black) if you enter characters into the field above.


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