Advanced Password Generator

By means of the Advanced Password Generator, you can generate a random password and define exactly what it should consist of. In addition, you can save these settings as a template and use them for any other password which you later create with this password generator.

You can use the Advanced Password Generator when you add or modify a password entry. In the dialog window for adding or modifying an entry, click on the small orange wheel symbol. There opens a dialog window in which you then switch to the tab Advanced.


First of all, select a Template from the list:

Password settings

Here you can define the characters the password should consist of:

NOTE: Because UTF-8 is too extensive (64.000 characters), only the first 256 ASCII characters are supported.


In this section, the password will be created and the quality rated.

After having found a password, click OK. The password will then automatically be added to the Password and Confirmation fields.


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