You can set Password Depot to automatically fill in web forms for you - with your user name, password and any other eventual log-in data. To do so, there are two options:

  1. the Auto-complete function (flash symbol in the top bar)

  2. the browser add-ons.

Differences in the Auto-complete Methods



Accessed in the program itself (flash symbol in the top bar)

Separate modules; accessed via browser

Launched manually by user

Launched automatically

Process: User clicks on flash symbol (top bar); software fills in the log-in data that is saved for the password entry selected from the list

Process: User opens URL; add-on compares opened URL with URLs saved in the passwords database; if it finds a corresponding URL, it fills in the log-in data linked to this URL

Condition: There is a auto-complete sequence saved for the password entry in question

Condition: The opened website is not ignored by the add-ons


In the following will be explained the auto-complete function. For details on the browser add-ons, please see here.

Auto-complete Function

To automatically fill in a Web form, please perform following steps:

  1. Switch the program into the top bar mode.

  2. Select a password from the list.

  3. Click the Auto Complete button (flash symbol).

  4. There opens a window at the top right informing you about the next steps und indicating that the program is now in the auto complete mode.

  5. Click the first field of the log-in you want to fill out. Now Password Depot automatically completes the fields of the window.

  6. If you would like to cancel the auto-complete action, click on Cancel auto-complete mode in the window that had opened upon your clock on the flash symbol.

NOTE: The order in which the data relating to a password is automatically entered can be set in the Auto complete sequences dialog box.


NOTE: The auto-complete function is only active and usable if a password has been selected from the database.


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