Exporting entries

The content of the opened database can be exported through Tools > Export.

Supported Formats

Databases can be exported into the following four formats:

To export a file into one of the first 4 formats, click on Tools > Export > Export wizard.

WARNING: The first four file formats (XML, CSV, TXT, HTML) do not support encryption. Anyone with access to those files can read their content.

To export a file into the outdated PSWX format, click on Database > Save As and select this file type.

NOTE: PSWX files are encrypted with a master password defined by the user.

NOTE regarding .csv file: Everz .csv file contains one password per line. Up to nine fields are assigned to each password in turn, separated by comma: Description, Importance, Password, Last modified, Expiry Date, User Name, URL, Comments, and Category.

How to export

Before you can export the content of the file, you need to authenticate yourself first, entering your master password.

Afterwards, you can define the following:

Click on Next to continue.

Now select what you want to export.

TIP: If you choose Selected entries in, there are further convenient commands/functions at your disposal, accessible through right-clicking within the list (e.g. Check All, Uncheck All etc.).

Now select what you want to export. Click on Next again and then Finish to complete the export. For .csv files, you can select or deselect the above mentioned fields assigned to the password in an intermediary step.

NOTE: In this dialog box, in the beginning, you may use the virtual keyboard. This function is situated in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.


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