Import Wizard

With Password Depot, you can both import passwords from external files and export them into an external file. These functions are to be found on the tab Home.

Supported Import Formats

The software supports following file formats for importing passwords:

Import process

In order to launch the import wizard, you first have to enter your master password. Then, you are asked for following information:

Click the Next button to continue.

NOTE: In relation to Enterprise Server, the Import function may not be executed while you are connected to the server. If you would like to import passwords, please contact the administrator. He/She then has to open the passwords file into which the passwords are to be imported via Password Depot Client as a local copy (tab Local System). Only on the client, the Import function is available. Now import the desired passwords, save the file and finally add it back to the server or save the file directly on the server directory.


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