Key File Generator

You can use the Key File Generator at two moments:

In order to be able to open the corresponding dialog box, you need to select an authentication method involving a key file (i.e. either master password plus key file or only key file).

Having made this selection, you can click on the smal wheel symbol at the right of the field Key file.

There opens the Key File Generator. In order to now generate the key file (256 bit key), simply move your mouse cursor across the generator's field. In this way, you randomly select characters that will then make up your key. After you have generated the key, click on Save in order to save the key as a proper file.

WARNING: Keep the generated key in a safe place and do not forget to make backup copies. We highly advise against using only an external keys for authentication since this means that anyone who has access to the PSW file and the key file can read your passwords without having to enter a master password.  


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