Options - Passwords

In the program's Options, the tab Passwords allows to modify the settings of your saved passwords.


Password Analyzer

Password Depot automatically analyzes new passwords, e.g. when you add a password entry. Additionally, the sofware shows how long it would approximately take to crack this password. This analysis is based on a standard value of three billion calculations per second, which corresponds to the power of a high-performance computer.

You can either leave the setting to Default or you can choose Custom in order to set your own values. In doing so, you can determien how many work stations are used by the imagined attacker and how many calculations per second can be executed by his/her work stations. In accordance with your specifications, the estimated value for cracking the password changes.

NOTE: As a rough guideline you can say that one could crack about one million passwords per second using a regular PC. This means that the calculations supposed by Password Depot really would be performed by a high-performance computer. It is not to be assumed that a 'normal' user would invest the criminal energy and the time in order to crack passwords by means of brute force attacks or dictionary attacks.


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