Print Password Entries

Password Depot offers the possibility to print out passwords. This function can be found on the Home tab.

Before being able to print, you need to enter your master password. This ensures that no unauthorized person is trying to get a print copy of your passwords. Having entered your master password, there opens the print window with three tabs.

Print Preview

The tab at the left shows a Print Preview of the list of passwords that is to be printed. Via the blue buttons you can switch between the single pages. By means of the button Print, you start the printing process.

Through the Export to PDF button you can create a PDF file with your passwords.


On the Content tab you can determine what exactly you want to print. At the top of this dialog you can define if you want to print All passwords in your file or a specific group only (Selected passwords). Choose a group from the drop down list to select this group and check the option Include sub-groups if you want to print any groups included in that group as well. You can uncheck specific passwords if you want to exclude them from being printed.

To get a better overview of the passwords inside the group you can sort them. Use the Check All and Uncheck All buttons to select all passwords or to remove their selection.

Below you can select which fields of your entries you want to print. If you uncheck any of the available fields, they will not be printed for any of the selected passwords or entries. By default, the program also prints the number of attachments (although not the attachments themselves).


The print layout of a database can be changed on the Layout tab.

At the top you can enter a Title for the print-out.

In addition, you can choose either Portrait or Landscape orientation for the printed page.

If you would like to define margins - e.g. in order to hole-punch the sheet - please indicate the margins at the four sides in millimeters.

At the bottom of the dialog, you can change the font type and font size of the title, of the groups and of the entry lines. Simply click the according box and make your changes in the dialog that opens.

To see the result of the changes you made, you can return to the Print Preview tab.

In order to print your passwords, simply click on the Print button available on each tab.

NOTE: Your password printout is a very confidential document. Make sure that no other persons gain access to the list and store it in a secure location.


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