Search Entry

The Search function (on the bar Passwords, always visible in the main window) allows you to search for password entries within the currently opened passwords file.

In order to search for an entry, enter a search term into the search field. Password Depot will look for the information while you enter it and display live search results.

Simultaneously to your click into the search field, there opens a new tab called Search. This tab allows you to specify detailed search criteria, in view of e.g. description, user name, URL and comments.

NOTE: If you do not have any information regarding a certain search criterion, simply leave this field empty. The empty field will not be taken into account by the search algorithm.


NOTE: If you only have partial information about one of the search criteria, you can enter this information as well. The search algorithm takes into account any possible matches.

Furthermore, you have following options:

If you would like to directly work with a found password, e.g. modify it or copy it to the clipboard, simply right click on this password. There will open a list of available actions.


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