Synchronize Entries

The Synchronize function at the Tools tab can be used to compare two databases and update them, for example if you have a second copy of your file on a USB device or on a server.

First select the file with which you would like to compare the currently opened file and click Open. Next you have to enter the master password for the second file.

NOTE: To be able to synchronize it is necessary that both files are from version 6. You can, for example, not synchronize a file from version 4 with one from version 6.

Now you are shown an overview of all differences.

On the left side you see the file with which you are synchronizing your current file. On the right side you have the currently opened one.

To ensure that you can compare the two files you are shown the size of each file and the date of the last changes.

The entries are divided into three categories: Not existing entries, Different entries and Identical entries.  

Next to each password which has been changed you are shown the date of the last modification, so that you can decide which version you would like to use in both files. To be able to see details of the changes, select the according password and right-click it or select View differences on the left bottom.

You can transfer entries from each file to the other or substitute one password with the other.  Alternatively, you can erase entries or skip this passwords to change neither one. All these options can be found in the middle between the entries. Select the desired option from the drop-down list.

Then click Synchronize to realize all the chosen changes.


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