Customize Appearance

Password Depot has a very flexible interface that can be modified in the View tab according to your requirements:


Here you set up the general appearance by choosing which areas of the main window should be displayed.

You can choose from five areas: Passwords, Navigation Area, Files from Server, Details and a Toolbar.


This is the main window. It is therefore placed in the center of the screen and cannot be closed.

This windows provides access to your passwords, showing all the passwords from the selected folder.

If the details view is enabled, you can select the details that should be displayed by right clicking on the details bar.

By right clicking on an entry you open the password menu. The menu's functions can only be used, however, if the information needed for this function - e.g. a TAN - is existent. Over this menu you can:

From within the Passwords window, you can also move passwords from one group to another. Just select the passwords you want to move and then drag & drop them into the desired group.

Navigation area

This area provides a tree structure of the folders inside the opened database, similar to Windows Explorer. Additionally it also displays the Favorites, the Recycle Bin and the Search Results after a search.

If you are using Enterprise Server you can quickly access the files from the server here as well. To display the files in this area, click on Navigation Area and activate the option Files on Server. The files on the server are only displayed if you are connected to the server.


This window is situated on the right side of the screen. Its purpose is to display the information about a selected password in a more compact space, so that it is easier to read.


Displays a toolbar on the top of the passwords area. Through this toolbar you have quick access to the most important password functions.


Here you can choose how your entries are displayed, e.g. as a List, Symbols or Icons.



Here you can choose how the password entries are sorted, e.g. by their Description or Importance.


Here you can decide if the sort order should be Ascending or Descending.


Here you can choose if the entries should be grouped. They can be grouped by their Type or Category.


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