Welcome to Password Depot!

Congratulations for deciding to rely on Password Depot for the administration and protection of your passwords and access data! You are in good company: Password Depot is used by several thousands of business companies, banks, agencies, and private users.

What is so special about Password Depot?

Password Depot is a powerful, technically mature, and, first of all, secure application for managing your passwords and access data. Different from conventional freeware and shareware utilities, Password Depot provides sophisticated security mechanisms and a well-conceived, wide range of functions and can also be employed in professional environments where strict security standards apply.


Password Depot provides very high security standards in several ways:

High Functionality

Password Depot protects your most important and confidential passwords and access data from external access while offering maximum user-friendliness and a complete range of functions!


The user interface of Password Depot is very clear and easy to use:


Password Depot helps you to manage your passwords in an easy and structured way:


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