New Notification

The New Notification button in the notification toolbar opens the New Notification dialog box, where you can create a new notification. This dialog consists of two tabs: General and Advanced.


You can make the following settings here:

In the drop-down box below, on the left, you can enter the email address or select an existing one from the list. Then click Add to add the specified address to the list.

If you want to replace an entry, select it, enter the new e-mail address in the field on the left and click Replace.

To delete an entry from the list, select it in the list and click Delete.


Here you can limit the notification for certain events to certain databases, database entries or users. 

There are two areas to choose from:

Users and Groups

All users and groups: Apply this option if you do not want the notification to be triggered for selected users and groups.

Selected Users and Groups: Here you can add individual users and groups for which you want to receive this notification.


All databases: Applies the notification to all databases.

Selected databases: Allows you to select specific databases for which you want to apply the notification.

Selected Entries: If you set a notification that refers to individual entries, this option is available so that you can select a specific entry from a database.



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