Database Properties

In the properties of a database you assign access rights to your users and groups.


At the General tab you see basic information about the selected database, for example how many user are currently using it.


At the Security tab you can add in the top area users or groups, so that they can then access this database or delete them, so that they may not access the selected databases anymore.

In the bottom area you will find the tabs Permissions on the database and Permissions on entries and folders.

Permissions on the database

Here you define the permissions for the selected user or group.

More on this in Rights administration in Password Depot Enterprise Server.

Permissions on entries and folders

In general you will assign permissions based on the complete database. Here you can assign permissions within a file, for example on a specific folder or entry.

More on this in Rights administration in Password Depot Enterprise  Server.


NOTE: You can define the settings which are used by default for these permissions in the Server Policies.


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