The Password Depot Enterprise Server is an add-on to Password Depot. Using the Enterprise Server clients can share one or more database(s) which are located in the network on a server and use them together. The Password Depot main program is used as the client.

The Enterprise Server is installed on a computer in the local network. Here, the administrator can use the so-called Server Manager to set up users and assign them access rights to every added database.

Approved users can access the databases on the server for which they have the according rights with the Password Depot main program. To do this, the IP address and port of the server are needed as well as the log-in data which the administrator has set up (password and user name).  

NOTE: The database will be opened and made available to users by the server. So, if you want to share an existing database via the server, you enter its master keyword into the Server Manager. The server will remember that master password and will open the database when needed. A user who wants to access a database which is made available by the server does not do this with the master password of a database, but by the user name and password for this server which he received from the administrator. In addition, the administrator determines which databases a user can access and the according access rights (as for example read/write etc.).

Clients can load the databases from the server and use the entries inside of it. Clients can also change entries if they have been assigned the according rights. In this case, Password Depot Enterprise Server will lock the password which is currently being modified, so that no changes can be made to that password by other users at the same time, that is that conflicts are avoided. It is possible, though, that several users work with the same database.

The number of users which can set up a connection to the server is defined by the license which you purchase. A 25 user license will for example allow 25 clients to connect at the same time. The number of users which you can create is always unlimited.

NOTE: You do not need a license for up to three users at the same time. In this case, the Enterprise Server can be used without a license. It is not possible, though, to use the server in Freeware mode, this is only possible with the licensed full version.


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