Password Depot Enterprise Server is an extension for Password Depot. Using the Enterprise Server, clients (i.e. the main program Password Depot) can share one or more databases located on one server in the network. The main Password Depot program serves as the client.

The Enterprise Server is installed on a computer in the local network. There the administrator sets up the users via the server manager and assigns them access rights for the desired databases or elements within the databases.

The authorized users can use the Password Depot main program (client) to access the databases on the server that are authorized for them. This requires the IP address and the port of the server, as well as the login data (user name and password) set up by the administrator.

NOTE: The database is opened by the server and made available to the users. If you want to make an already existing database available via the server, enter its master password in the Server Manager.  

A user who wants to access a database provided by the server does not do so by using the master password of a database, but by using the user name and password he has received from the administrator for this server. The administrator also determines which databases a user can retrieve and sets the access rights.

The clients can open the databases through the server and use the data they contain. Clients can also make changes to the entries if they have the appropriate permissions. In this case Password Depot Enterprise Server locks the entry that is currently being edited so that no other changes can be made by other users at the same time, thus avoiding conflicts. However, it is possible for several users to work on the same database.

The number of users you can create on the server is defined by your license. For example, if you have purchased a 25 user license, you can create 25 users.

NOTE: No license is required to use up to three users. In this case, you can use the Enterprise Server without a license.


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