Add User

The New User button on the toolbar of the Users pane allows you to create a new user and opens the Add User dialog box. It consists of four tabs:


The General tab provides following options:


A database administrator can add databases to the server and configure the permissions for these databases. The Server administrator can additionally give the Database administrator the permission, to manage further databases from the server.
A Database administrator can't add or remove users and groups.

Member of

Here you determine, if the user shall be member of any groups and, if yes, of which groups.


Here you can assign a fixed IP address to a user, so that every connection attempt of this user with an IP address other than the one chosen here is neglected. This can increase security, but also requires that static IP addresses are used.  

Note: The addresses 'localhost' and '' are always allowed, so that the administrator can correct wrong settings on the server. 


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