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Password Server for businesses

Use and manage your passwords, documents, identities, credit card details, remote desktop connections and other confidential data jointly, together with all employees, across the entire company. Share data only within local network or, if desired, worldwide, via the Internet. Access data via PC / Mac, or via Android and iOS smartphones.

Password Server for businesses

Using data, centrally

Password Depot Enterprise Server enables organizations to centrally manage, administer and share passwords, credentials and documents.

You decide, down to the smallest detail, which access rights a user receives, which folders or entries they can view or, for example, which activities should be logged.

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GDPR-compliant data storage

The data exchange between the clients and the Enterprise Server is encrypted by AES 256-Bit! The connection between the server and the clients takes place via TCP/IP or optionally with certificates and SSL/TLS.

Through Password Depot Enterprise Server, your data is encrypted and protected to the highest degree, whereby you, inter alia, also ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

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GDPR-compliant data storage
Intelligible and sophisticated

Intelligible and sophisticated

Thanks to the intuitive user guidance of Password Depot, all team members will be able to work with the program within a very short time, without expensive and time-consuming training.

Not only your users, but especially your administrators will come to appreciate Password Depot's sophisticated and straightforward architecture very quickly.


When do you need the Enterprise Server?

  • You need the Enterprise Server if you no longer want to exchange your company's passwords and access data with your staff via e-mail, Excel spreadsheets or notes, but want to assign them to controlled, centralized databases and allocate them in a protocolled manner.

  • You need the Enterprise Server if you want to ensure that authorized employees always have access to required access data and documents from anywhere. And if you want to make sure your corporate credentials are protected in the future with highly secure and virtually unbreakable passwords


Ensure GDPR compliance with our security software made in Germany: Password Depot has been developed in Darmstadt, City of Science, for more than 20 years!

Do you have any questions?

Write an email to [email protected] or call us at +49 6151 1365010. We will be happy to help you with all your questions or introduce you to Password Depot during a free and individual webinar.

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