You need a license for the Enterprise Server for the desired number of users. All clients for all operating systems are included.

The number of users of Password Depot Enterprise Server defines the number of users you can create on the server. (Note: Since version 12, simultaneous connections no longer count.)

Setting up a maximum of three users on the Enterprise Server does not require a license. In this case, the server can be downloaded and used free of charge

If more than three users are required on the Enterprise Server, the purchase of a server license is required. This license is offered in increments: It starts with five users and ends with an unlimited number of users.

Notes on our licensing model:

  • You buy a license that becomes your property without time limit. Purchased licenses can therefore be used without time limit.
  • You will receive updates and upgrades as long as you have valid software maintenance.
  • With the purchase of a license you always automatically receive a one-year software maintenance. This is automatically extended for a further year unless you object to the extension. You will be informed by e-mail 60 days before the renewal date about the upcoming renewal.
  • If you have not renewed your software maintenance, you will not be able to receive further updates and upgrades. However, you can continue to use your current version for an unlimited time.
  • If you no longer have Software Maintenance, you can purchase an upgrade at any time later or extend your Software Maintenance retroactively, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • With the purchase of the Enterprise Server in the desired number of users, you also receive all clients for all supported operating systems as well as the web interface.
  • The purchased licenses are named licenses, which may only be installed and used by one user at a time, but on any number of computers and operating systems. In addition, one license can be used in all available localized languages.
  • Non-profit associations, state institutions, schools and universities receive special conditions.