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Recommended by experts

Our customers as well as the professional trade press are impressed with Password Depot!

  • Computer Bild

    Fraunhofer Institute on behalf of Computer Bild

    Among all tested programs, Password Depot (...) offers the highest security standards for passwords." During the extensive practical tests of the Fraunhofer Institute, Password Depot "was by far the product to impress most and successfully defended stored passwords against all attacks."

  • Top 100 most innovative companies

    Top-100 of the most innovative companies at and Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke's team

    During security tests of password managers experts of the Fraunhofer Institute found out, among other things, that Password Depot "was the only software that impressed experts"”. In 2021, Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his science team chose AceBIT as one of the most innovative companies.

  • Testsieger beim PC-Magazin

    Benchmark test in PC Magazin

    Password Depot's Version 11 offers all important password functions. With its security functions, enterprise server and outstanding password control, its software wins the test.

  • Sehr gute Bewertung bei Netzwelt

    Benchmark test in Chip

    Secure and easy - that's only the award winner Password Depot. The uncomplex and intuitive interface allows even beginners to keep their passwords safe.

Password storage you can trust

  • Best possible encryption.

    In Password Depot, your information is encrypted not merely once, but in fact twice, thanks to the algorithm AES 256 Bit. In the US, this algorithm is approved for state documents of highest security clearance!

  • Two-factor authentication

    Double the security with our two-factor authenticator. Start by selecting a master password required to open the file and enhance protection further by utilizing a key file for added data security.

  • Protection against brute-force attacks

    Brute-force attacks are virtually impossible with our program's automatic three-second lockout for every incorrect master password attempt.

  • Backup copies

    Password Depot generates database backups for you, stored locally, on FTP servers (including SFTP), or external hard drives. Customize backup intervals based on your preferences.

Secure data usage

Protection from keylogging

All password fields within the program are internally protected against different types of interception of keystrokes (Key Logging). This prevents your sensible data entries from being spied on.

Traceless memory

Password Depot operates in a way that ensures your passwords remain secure. By not leaving any traces in your PC's working memory, even a hacker who has access to your computer cannot find any passwords in memory dumps.

Secure Data Usage
Clipboard protection

Password Depot protects your clipboard data in multiple ways: it automatically detects any active clipboard viewers and masks its changes within the clipboard; furthermore, after performing auto-complete, all sensitive data is automatically and immediately cleared.

Virtual keyboard

The ultimate protection against keylogging. Enter your master password and sensitive information without touching the physical keyboard. Password Depot's secure input method avoids keystroke simulation and ensures interception prevention, both software- and hardware-based.

Fake virtual mouse cursors

When typing, using the program’s virtual keyboard, you can also set the program to show multiple fake mouse cursors instead of your usual single cursor. This makes it even more impossible to discern your keyboard activities.

Verified passwords

  • Uncrackable passwords

    Get ultra-strong passwords with our integrated Password Generator. Forget about using weak passwords like “sweetheart” which can be easily cracked. Our generator creates uncrackable passwords like "g/:1bmVuz/z7ewß5T$x_sb}@" that would take millennia to crack even on the latest computers.

  • Verified password quality

    Let Password Depot check your passwords' quality and security! Intelligent algorithms will examine your passwords and warn you against ‘weak’ passwords, which you can subsequently replace with the help of the Password Generator.

  • Password policies

    You can define basic security requirements that must be met by all passwords which are added or modified. For instance, you can specify the passwords’ minimum length and the range of characters contained therein.

  • Security warnings

    Password Depot contains a list of warnings which always keep an eye on your passwords’ security. For instance, the program warns you in case you use the unsafe FTP protocol and in this case advises you to use SFTP instead.

  • Protection against dictionary attacks

    An important warning featured in Password Depot is the notification in case you are using unsafe passwords. These are passwords which are frequently used, therefore appear in hackers’ dictionaries and are easily crackable.

  • Warning against password expiry

    You can set Password Depot to warn you before your passwords expire, for instance before the expiry date of your credit card. This ensures that your password data always remains up-to-date.

Versatile functions

Cards, identities, licenses, documents and much more

Password Depot protects and manages your passwords and also data of credit cards, EC cards, software licenses, identities, RDP, Putty and team viewer connections, documents or encrypted files. Each entry type offers a separate template.

File attachments

You may add file attachments containing e.g. additional information to your password entries. These attachments can be opened directly from within Password Depot and may additionally be saved on data storage media.

Transfer passwords

You can import both password entries from other password managers into Password Depot as well as export entries from Password Depot. To do so, the software offers you special wizards that facilitate importing and exporting password information.

Clean-up databases

This function discovers password entries that you have not used for a long time or that even have already expired. Afterwards, the found entries can be directly deleted. This guarantees that your databases always remain up-to-date.

Versatile Functions
Search for password entries

By means of this function, you can search any character string within your database – no matter if within the passwords themselves or within e.g. their descriptions and URLs. To refine your results, you can use logical operators and relations.

Encrypt external files

Password Depot allows you to encrypt external files and to then directly save them as individual entries within the software. In this way, Password Depot enables you to make confidential documents inaccessible to third parties.

Self-extracting files

When encrypting external data by means of Password Depot, you can additionally generate encrypted self-extracting files. This method enables other people who do not have Password Depot to also decrypt the core files.

Delete external files

With Password Depot you can delete external files, regardless of their format. In doing so, the software does not leave any traces on your hard disk, which means that the files cannot be restored by any application.

Convenient usability

  • User-friendly interface

    Password Depot’s user interface is similar to that of Windows Explorer. This allows you to effectively navigate through your password lists and to quickly find any password you happen to be searching for.

  • Auto-completion

    If you wish, Password Depot automatically fills in your password data into websites opened within the common browsers. This function runs via an internal setting on the one hand, and via so-called Browser Add-ons on the other hand.

  • Automatic recognition

    You can set the program to automatically recognize which password information corresponds to the website you have called up and to then pre-select this password entry for you – as well as, if desired, to finally automatically fill this information into the website.

  • Top bar

    The program's format can be reduced to a narrow bar whose position may be determined individually: whether freely movable or stuck to the screen edge (Application Desktop Toolbar). In this way, the software is always at your disposal without disturbing you.

  • Direct opening of websites

    URLs belonging to password entries saved in Password Depot may be opened directly from within the program. This saves you the hassle of having to manually copy website addresses and then paste them into your browser.

  • Usage via mouse click

    Accessing your password information may be done super easily via simple clicks with your mouse cursor. By means of a single mouse click, you can copy data to the clipboard and can even drag it directly into the target field on the website.

  • Hotkeys

    Password Depot features keyboard shortcuts for regular commands in Windows (“Hotkeys”). By means of these hotkeys, you can easily turn Password Depot’s format into a top bar or send it into the foreground when minimized into the system tray.

  • Unicode support

    Password Depot supports Unicode, the international standard defining a digital code for every character. This allows you to use international characters such as “ä” or “ç” within your password information.

  • Recycle bin

    Password Depot features a recycle bin that stores deleted password data and enables them to be restored. In this way, data you may have accidentally deleted, for instance, is not lost irrevocably.

Individual settings

Configurable program options

Thanks to many program options, Password Depot may be individually configured down to the smallest detail – not only in view of its external layout, but also regarding its internal functions such as the use of browsers or networks.

Custom browsers

You can determine yourself which browsers you would like to use within the program. This way, you are not bound to common browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer but can also use Opera, for example.

Individual user modes

As a new user, you can work with only a few functions in the Beginner Mode, whereas as an expert, you can use all functions in the Expert Mode or can outline your own demands in the Custom Mode.

Personal favorites

The list of favorites contains the passwords you use most frequently. As you will most likely want to have this regularly used data always at hand, the list of favorites may be accessed directly via the top bar.

Individual Settings
Custom fields

You can extend the existing data input fields by any number of self-defined fields. This is possible both for a single password entry (“Custom Field”) as well as for the entire database (“Global Field”).

Password icons

You can save icons for your password entries, enabling you to easily find and identify them. These icons are even available if you open your password file on a different PC as they are saved directly within the password file.

Individual safety warnings

You yourself can determine the warnings you would like Password Depot to show and which ones not to display. Additionally, you may individually set whether the program should warn you in case your passwords expire and, if yes, how many days prior to the expiry date.

Password statistics

Clear statistics show at a glance how often you have used which password. In this way, you might also realize which entries you do not use at all and can therefore delete them in order to keep your database up-to-date.

Flexible interplay

  • Enterprise Server
    Enterprise server

    Password Depot features a separate server module, enabling several users to access the same passwords simultaneously. Accessing password files may run either via a local network or via the Internet.

  • Apps for Smartphones
    Apps for smartphones

    Use your databases on all your devices at the same time: powerful, native apps are available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and even as a web interface!

  • Usb Stick
    USB stick

    Do you prefer conventional? No problem! You can save your databases together with Password Depot on a USB stick. This way you always have your files and software with you and can use them whenever you want.

  • Cloud devices
    Cloud devices

    Password Depot supports virtually all file hosting services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or e.g. HiDrive. Using the WebDav protocol you can add practically any other service. So you can optionally store your data on the service of your choice.

  • Databases on the Web
    Databases on the web

    You can optionally deposit your encrypted password files on the Internet. This way, you can always access your passwords, no matter where you are! To access them, you can use the protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP or WebDav, as required.

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