What's new in version 7 and older

7.6.2 (released on 05.01.15)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 35.

7.6.1 (released on 12.11.14)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 33 and 34.

7.5.9 (released on 31.07.14)

  • An error in synchronization between PSW and PSWX files has been fixed.

7.5.8 (released on 30.06.14)

  • The browser add-on for Chrome has been updated.
  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 31.

7.5.7 (released on 04.06.14)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 30.

7.5.6 (released on 04/22/14)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 29.

7.5.5 (released 04.04.14)

  • The compatibility issue of the virtual keyboard with the latest version of Google Chrome and some other applications has been fixed.
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.5.4 (released on 19.03.14)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 28.
  • Fixed issues with using files on Google Drive.
  • Autocomplete has been redesigned to support websites that use blocking scripts.
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.5.3 (released on 24.01.14)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 27.
  • Fixed a problem with Internet Explorer 11 Add-On on Windows 8.1

7.5.2 (released on 09.12.13)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 26.

7.5.1 (released on 04.11.13)

  • The browser add-on for Firefox has been updated to support Firefox 25.

7.5.0 (released 09.10.13)

  • Hierarchical view: The groups can now optionally be displayed hierarchically in the top bar.
  • Multiple login dialog box: The available buttons in this dialog box have been revised. The user can now either select a login, add the URL to the list of ignored sites, or cancel the fill.
  • Top Bar: Changes to the custom gradient are now applied immediately after confirmation.
  • Top Bar: Password Depot can now also be closed in Top Quiet mode without the user having to confirm the action.
  • Session IDs: Session IDs are now better recognized (previously some of the URLs falsely deleted the last character).
  • Some other minor issues have been resolved.

7.1.0 (released on 13.09.13)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 24.
  • The browser add-ons for Chrome and Internet Explorer have been improved (in terms of functionality with frames).
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.0.8 (released on 05.08.13)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 23.
  • The problem with the progmtart with the additional language files was corrected.
  • Some other minor bugs have been corrected.

7.0.7 (released on 12.07.13)

  • Password Depot servers can now access files from the server faster and easier with the help of an additional section.
  • A message regarding old file versions displayed when opening local files when a file was previously open from the server has been fixed.
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.0.6 (released on 28.06.13)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 22.

7.0.5 (released on 17.05.13)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 21.
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.0.4 (released on 30.04.13)

  • Browser add-on for Google Chrome has been updated.
  • Problem with importing and synchronizing old pswx files has been fixed.  
  • Update function of cloud applications has been improved. 
  • Loading web icons from URLs has been optimized.  
  • Some other minor bugs and user interface issues have been corrected.

7.0.3 (released on 19.04.13)

  • The Dropbox features have been adapted to recent changes in the Dropbox programming interface.
  • Minor corrections in terms of text and user interface.

7.0.2 (released on 15.04.13)

  • Small toolbar for password-related commands has been implemented in the main window.
  • Incorrect filtering of password files on FTP servers has been fixed.
  • Import of XML files has been corrected and improved.
  • Problem with automatic backups has been fixed.
  • The user interface of the browser add-ons has been standardized and improved.
  • Several other small UI improvements.

7.0.1 (released 03.04.13)

  • Browser add-ons now support Firefox 20 and the latest Google Chrome versions.
  • Bugs listing and uploading files to Google Drive have been fixed.
  • Functionality of the program-wide key combinations has been optimized.
  • Error when invoking help via F1 was corrected.
  • The appearance of the help window has been improved.
  • Program tested and optimized for interaction with Password Depot Server 7.0.0.
  • Several text and user interface issues have been fixed.

7.0.0 (released on 20.02.13)

  • Cloud Services: Password Depot now supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive cloud services.
  • File Manager: A clear file manager summarizes the previous dialog boxes for creating, opening and managing password files and for managing the storage locations.
  • Access to Password Depot Server : The File Manager provides access to Password Depot Server, which can now be used to change password entries, for example.
  • Password Parts: A new feature allows you to select and enter password parts, via the Password tab as well as the top bar.
  • Wrong mouse pointers :The virtual keyboard has been extended by several wrong mouse pointers, which obscure the typing on the keyboard.
  • Recycle Bin: A newly added Recycle Bin saves deleted password entries and allows them to be recovered.
  • Extended top bar: Via the top bar, individual data can now be inserted into target fields on websites (blue flash) and password parts are generated.
  • Extended password menu: The password menu (right-click on password entry) now also allows the creation of a password section and the addition of a password entry to the favorites.
  • Editable favorites list: The list of password favorites can now be edited manually so that password entries can be manually added and deleted.
  • HTTPS support : The Internet server protocol has been enhanced with HTTPS, in addition to the existing FTP, HTTP, and SFTP protocols.
  • Enhanced SFTP protocol : The SFTP protocol now supports private or public keys, allowing users with SFTP to enter their keyfile in Password Depot.
  • Refined clean-up function: The clean-up function for unused or expired passwords now also allows to search only password entries with symbol / history and to delete only the attachment / history of password entries.
  • Extended PSWX format . The PSWX file format now supports even more features of the original PSW password file format.
  • Simplified password transfer:When passwords are moved to another file, the program discovers missing or added passwords and asks if the user wants to copy or remove them.
  • Enhanced System Tray: The Password Depot icon in the System Tray can now also generate new passwords.
  • Connection recovery: After a connection break, you can automatically restore the connection.
  • Settings transfer: During program installation, Password Depot now searches for Previous Versions and, if necessary, asks if it should adopt their settings.
  • Extended credit card entry: The credit card window now allows you to enter a PIN and has a new tab with URL functions, eg for editing the completion sequence.
  • Save to File / Load from File: Ignored websites and categories can now be saved to files or loaded from files.
  • Advanced custom mode : Custom mode now allows you to select additional features - delete passphrase entries and generate passwords or passphrase parts.
  • Extended Alerts List: The list of alerts has been enhanced with a message on weak master passwords for even more security.
  • New View tab : View editing features are now clearly grouped together on a new tab.
  • New password tab: Clicking on a password now opens an extra tab with frequent password functions, eg for copying password data to the clipboard.
  • New search tab :A click in the search field now opens its own search tab.
  • Extended search function: The search function now also makes it possible to directly open the group belonging to a found password entry.
  • Top bar color gradient: The top bar can now be defined in an individual color gradient, no longer just monochrome.
  • Program options: The options of the software can now also be accessed via the Start tab.
  • Revised user interface with new graphics and themes.

6.2.2 (released on 11.01.13)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 18.

6.2.1 (released on 19.11.12)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 17.

6.2.0 (released on 14.09.12)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 16.
  • Improved autofill through browser add-ons.
  • Various optimizations in the user interface.

6.1.9 (released on 29.08.12)

  • Das Browser-Add-On unterstützt nun Firefox 15.
  • Die Interaktion mit dem Benachrichtigungsfeld (Trayicon) wurde optimiert.
  • Einige kleinere Probleme wurden behoben.

6.1.8 (released on 07.08.12)

  • Updated the pswx file format for enhanced compatibility with smartphone editions.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause unwanted password protection of password files in conjunction with the server.

6.1.7 (released on 22.06.12)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 14.

6.1.6 (released on 05.06.12)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 13.
  • The import of passwords from the XML format of Sticky Password is now possible.
  • Some minor issues have been resolved.

6.1.5 (released on 02.05.12)

  • Corrected an issue with the character limit in the Password Generator introduced in version 6.1.4.

6.1.4 (released on 25.04.12)

  • The add-on now supports Firefox 12.
  • Minor bugs have been corrected.

6.1.3 (released on 02.04.12)

  • Import of passwords from "Kaspersky Password Manager" version 5.x has been added.
  • Import of passwords from "KeePass Password Safe" version 2.x has been added.

6.1.2 (released on 14.03.12)

  • The add-on now supports Firefox 11.
  • Improved display for large font sizes (› 125%) on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

6.1.1 (released on 20.02.12)

  • Added a browser add-on for Google Chrome
  • An option to automatically select a suitable password from the browser add-ons in the top bar has been added.
  • Some UI issues that occurred using large font sizes (150%) have been resolved.
  • Numerous minor bugs have been corrected.

6.1.0 (released on 06.02.12)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 10.
  • The browser add-on now supports the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.
  • Improved draq and drop functionality for the Safari and Opera browsers.
  • Correction of display problems in systems with large fonts.
  • Warning when creating a new password entry for which an identical entry (same username, password and URL) already exists.
  • Improved detection, with existing password entries through the browser add-ons
  • Several other minor bugs and surface issues have been fixed.

6.0.9 (released on 02.01.12)

  • An error introduced in version 6.0.8 that caused some buttons to be unavailable in synchronization has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that led to increased CPU usage when using the hierarchical group box in the top bar.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

6.0.8 (released on 22.12.11)

  • Support for Firefox 9 through the browser add-on has been introduced.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed

6.0.7 (released on 04.11.11)

  • Support for Firefox 8 through the browser add-on has been introduced.
  • Creating the favorites list in the top bar has been adapted to the favorites in the main window.
  • Fixed a problem with the disabled command "Open in Browser" in the top bar.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed

6.0.6 (released on 28.09.11)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 7.
  • An error that occurred when automatically setting the expiration date for passwords has been fixed.
  • An issue where files were not automatically deleted from the server under some circumstances has been fixed.
  • A new "PIN" field has been introduced for the debit card template.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

6.0.5 (released 08.08.11)

  • An issue where the add-ons with prefilled username in the form to be filled in proposed to create new password entries has been corrected.
  • When analyzing existing passwords, a "Please wait ..." dialog box appears.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, the password file was not added to the most recently used files after closing.
  • Fixed an issue where editing passwords when running the program from the USB key was not possible.

6.0.4 (freigegeben am 03.08.11)

  • Verbesserte Passwort-Analyse mit benutzerdefinierter Einschätzung der Zeit, die benötigt wird, um ein Passwort durch Brute-Force-Angriffe zu knacken.  
  • Neue Auto-Ausfüllmethode "Mulitkanal-Verschleierung" für einen besseren Schutz gegen Spyware.
  • Ein Browser-Add-On für Firefox 6 wurde eingeführt.
  • Die Simulation von Tastatureingaben wird nun standardmäßig als Ausfüllmethode verwendet.
  • Strengere Prüfung der Sicherheit bei Master-Kennwörtern.
  • Zahlreiche kleinere Verbesserungen an der Oberfläche und Fehlerkorrekturen.

6.0.3 (released on 22.07.11)

  • A new option has been added to the extended password generator to enable or disable checking of generated passwords for dictionary attack vulnerability.
  • Fixed an issue with finding passwords through the description.  
  • The processing of passwords with a URL mask by the browser add-ons has been improved.
  • Some minor bugs and UI issues have been fixed.

6.0.2 (released on 07/14/11)

  • A problem with bad icons in the sync dialog has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues and text errors have been corrected.

6.0.1 (released on 05.07.11)

  • Fixed a problem with the Windows Explorer integration.
  • Some minor bugs and text problems have been corrected.

6.0.0 (released on 27.06.11)

  • New and improved user interface with new themes and graphics.
  • Support thetaskbar in Windows 7 with quick access to favorite passwords and general commands via the drop-down menu.
  • Improved transfer of data from Previous Versions ..
  • The possibility of entries in the main window by type, category etc. group, has been added.
  • Thesecurity-related settings are now stored within the passwords files to prevent unauthorized changes from the outside.
  • Directly adding password entries from encrypted files: If you encrypt a file using Windows Explorer, you can add the corresponding password directly as an entry in the program.
  • Enhanced "Properties" featurethat allows you to delete custom icons and attachments and set password policy, unobserved password display, and dictionary attack verification.
  • New entry type debit card for storing bank accounts and for online banking.
  • New entry type Encrypted file to manage external encrypted files.
  • the password generator can now be used when encrypting an external file . verwendet werden.
  • Improved printing functionality with more options for customizing font and layout, exporting to PDF, and printing individual passwords.
  • Improved printing security : all processes run in memory without creating temporary files on the hard disk.
  • The improved cleanup feature allows you to filter out passwords with large attachments.
  • A new URL mask field has been introduced, which allows matching passwords to be determined through a templateinstead of the exact URL.
  • Improved support of existing browsers: Busers can now define their own browsers with the respective supported command line parameters.
  • In addition to the Beginner and Expert modes, anew custom mode has been introduced that allows you to customize the available commands.
  • More customization of browser add-ons via Options / Browser.
  • Options to enable and disablealerts and hints have been introduced.
  • The order of custom fields can now be changed.
  • New tab "Last used" when opening password files
  • Extended entry type "Identity" with date of birth etc.
  • The search function now also searches in the field "Password".
  • Synchronization is now also possible with files on the server.
  • Drag and dropfile attachments.
  • The ability to simultaneously save a backup copy on an FTP serverand locally has been introduced.
  • A new global Hot Key to switch to / from Top Bar mode has been introduced.
  • The ability to create a Windows shell link for individual passwords has been introduced to quickly open frequently used passwords.
  • New commands for deleting the history, attachments, and user-defined symbols allow you to quickly reduce the size of a password file.
  • The Drag & Drop emulation for custom and global fields from the top bar is now possible through a combination of SHIFT + click.
  • The Autoausfüll sequences can now usecustom delays are extended to support dynamic Web forms better.

5.3.1 (released on 27.06.11)

  • The browser add-on now supports Firefox 5.

5.3.0 (released on 24.03.11)

  • The browser add-on now supports Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

5.2.6 (released on 20.12.10)

  • Custom translations of the interface can now be integrated into the program
  • The feature to extract symbols from different websites has been improved.
  • The live search has been revised and improved.
  • Some surface improvements have been made.
  • The help files have been updated.
  • Some minor bugs and text problems have been corrected.

5.2.5 (released on 28.10.10)

  • An issue that caused the program to freeze when reading icons from some sites has been fixed.
  • An error occurred while deleting entries from the Recent Files menu has been fixed.
  • The incorrect readout of the user name and password for the proxy server from the system has been corrected.
  • An issue regarding deleting the Password Password Client password from the Open Password File dialog after closing and reopening has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect display of some characters in browser add-ons.
  • Other minor bugs have been corrected.

5.2.4 (released on 24.09.10)

  • Several changes have been made to support the new features of Password Depot Server 5.
  • Improved support of the Top border's screen border options.
  • The dialog to open a password file now has a button in the system menu bar if the main program window is not visible.
  • An error occurred while converting special characters for files from Password Depot 4.
  • Some minor issues and bugs have been fixed.

5.2.3 (released on 17.09.10)

  • The credit card template has been enhanced to include additional fields for service URLs and other security codes.
  • An issue that occurred under certain circumstances when converting strings created in older versions and containing umlauts has been resolved.
  • The USB Installation Wizard now displays all existing drives so that the installation can now be performed on external hard drives that are not recognized as removable drives.
  • Some minor surface issues on Windows XP have been fixed.
  • Various other minor issues as well as text and translation errors have been fixed.

5.2.2 (released on 10.09.10)

  • An error that occured under certain conditions when closing the program from the top bar has been corrected.
  • The recognition of the corresponding passwords for a URL by the browser add-ons has been improved.
  • The favorites are now properly updated even after use by the browser add-ons.
  • An error that occurred when a search term was entered while no file was open was corrected.
  • An issue with incorrect processing of some text types within password entries has been resolved.

5.2.1 (released on 05.09.10)

  • The mini-toolbar in the main window can optionally be displayed again.
  • Correction of a problem introduced with version 5.2.0, with umlauts in password entries and / or the master password.

5.2 (released on 03.09.10)

  • Password Depot now supports Unicode, allowing the use of international strings and passwords.
  • A dictionary of common terms and frequently used passwords has been integrated into the program to help analyze how secure passwords are for dictionary attacks.
  • The installation package has been enhanced and added an option that allows the program to be installed either for all users or for the current user only.
  • An issue that changed the order of custom icons after another icon was deleted has been resolved.
  • Several other improvements have been introduced and various errors corrected.

5.1.2 (released on 25.08.10)

  • A command to reset all program options to the default values ​​has been introduced.
  • The auto-read feature of an associated website icon has been improved.
  • The display of the search results has been improved.
  • An error with the wrong placement of the top bar on systems with 2 monitors was corrected.
  • Some cosmetic issues with systems with large font sizes have been resolved.
  • The option "Field" Password "is not used" has been replaced by the general option to save passwords without an entry in this field.
  • The print layout has been improved and corrected some text errors.
  • An option to set the length of drop-down lists has been introduced.
  • An issue where the selected action was not updated in the sync dialog has been fixed.
  • Keylogger protection has been improved for the separate Virtual Keyboard.
  • The error that occasionally causes the error message "Invalid pointer operation" has been corrected.
  • Some other bugs and usability issues have been fixed.

5.1.1 (released on 13.08.10)

  • The support of large icons in the top bar has been introduced.
  • An option to disable the browser add-ons for individual passwords has been introduced.
  • Various bugs and cosmetic issues have been fixed.

5.1.0 (released on 12.08.10)

  • Improved functionality and operation of browser add-ons.
  • Improved password generator with advanced options and support for templates.
  • The password generator can now be added to the top bar via the Customize dialog and used directly from there.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Firefox from building the page under certain conditions.
  • The processing of some special websites by the browser add-ons has been improved.
  • Customizing the top bar has been simplified.
  • Improved security by preventing unauthorized access to passwords by automated scripts.
  • The problem with unlocking on a U3 stick has been fixed.
  • Improved functionality when processing external files.
  • Fixed an issue where the program was no longer accessible after repeatedly minimizing from the top bar.
  • An error in the Topleiste display after changes via the Customize function has been fixed.
  • The problem that under certain conditions the sorting in the main window has been replaced by the cleanup function has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where Password Depot pushed itself in front of the browser window when auto-populating a website was canceled.
  • The option with which the top bar can be color-adjusted in all areas has been revised.
  • Numerous other bugs and cosmetic issues have been fixed.

5.0.2 (released on 28.07.10)

  • Some UI issues using a large font size have been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue that slowed down the transition to the Top Bar under certain conditions.
  • The text problems when printing non-password entries have been resolved.
  • The interaction between the main program and the browser add-ons has been improved.
  • Added the ability to disable some system tray hints.
  • Numerous cosmetic issues and minor bugs have been corrected.

5.0.1 (released on 21.07.10)

  • A list of sites ignored by browser add-ons is now supported.
  • The problem that only one trial version was available after the USB installation has been fixed.
  • Improved processing of various specialized web sites by browser add-ons has been introduced.
  • The problem with the wrong display of the buttons in the synchronization dialog has been fixed.
  • An option to directly open the associated group of found password has been introduced.
  • Some minor inconsistencies in the use of read-only files have been corrected. 
  • Reopening files stored on the Internet has been improved.
  • The problem that many fields were not displayed correctly in the software license dialog has been corrected.
  • The maximum number of favorites (most frequently used passwords) is now individually adjustable.
  • An option to start the program automatically with Windows has been added to the setup wizard.
  • A problem with unlocking files on the Internet has been fixed.
  • An option to close a locked file has been added to the System Tray menu.
  • Improved support for a large font size has been introduced.
  • Numerous text errors and surface problems were fixed.
  • Various minor bugs have been corrected.

Version 5 (released on 09.07.10)

  • New Enhanced User Interface:: An improved user interface has been introduced that gives the program a more modern look and feel and simplifies the use of the program.
  • New search function:A new "live search" has been introduced, with which strings can be searched everywhere. Optionally, the search can be limited to certain areas using an advanced search.
  • Internet Explorer Add-On:The program integrates with Internet Explorer, which greatly simplifies adding / updating weStrong Passwords and completing and submitting web forms.
  • Mozilla Firefox add-on: The program integrates with Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird), which greatly simplifies adding / updating weStrong Passwords, as well as completing and submitting web forms.
  • New cleanup feature:The new cleanup feature allows you to find passwords that have not been used for a long time or have expired. This allows the password file to be easily cleaned up from unnecessary entries.
  • Improved sync function: The sync feature now allows syncing two files in both directions - even with a file on a server. The program verifies that the user synchronizes two files from the same source and allows them to be easily reconciled and brought up to date.
  • Improved beginner mode: The beginner mode has been redesigned and is now not only easier to access, but also makes it much easier to work with the program for new users.
  • New types of entries: The use of different types of information has been introduced. Below the normal function "New Password" is now the possibility to create credit cards, software licenses, identities or information (in the form of formattable documents).
  • Password Usage Statistics: A user can now see at a glance how often he uses a particular password.
  • New "Favorites" area:A new favorites ad has been added showing the most frequently used passwords. These favorites can also be accessed from the top bar, via a drop-down list.
  • Extended Top Bar Functions: More features have been added to the top bar, so most of the functions are accessible there. By right-clicking on the top bar, the user can specify which functions he wants to use there.
  • Virtual keyboard customization: The virtual keyboard window is now resizable. In addition, it is now also available outside the program as a separate application.
  • Global custom fields: Global custom fields can now be created
  • Improved Password Generator: A new option allows to specify certain characters that must contain the generated password. In addition, the user can now specify that all selected character groups (capital letters, special characters, etc.) must be used. If a password already existed, the default password generator will suggest the same length.  
  • Improved filename display: Filename display has been made more user-friendly.
  • New group functions: Groups can now be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Labeling passwords with attachments: Entries containing an attachment are now marked with a special icon in the detail view.
  • Icons in password files : Icons are now stored within the password file. This makes them available on other computers.
  • Icons based on the URL: WeStrong Passwords can now automatically download the favicon.ico from a website and use it as an icon for the corresponding password.
  • Improved file functions: The file functions (encrypt, decrypt and delete) have been separated from the main program and can optionally be installed. The ability to create a single encrypted file from different source files has been added. In addition, integration with Windows Explorer has been improved.
  • Encrypted, self-extracting files: Self-extracting files are now supported, so even users who have not installed Password Depot can decrypt a file.
  • Expired Password Warning: An option has been added that allows the user to set a time when he or she wants to be warned about expiring a password.
  • SFTP support: Support for the secure SFTP protocol has been introduced and set as default for FTP connections to a server.
  • Global Hot Key: Introduced a global Windows hotkey (CTRL + SHIFT + P) that brings Password Depot to the foreground when the program is minimized or in the system tray.
  • Improved import function: Passwords can now also be imported from Password Depot password files (.psw).  
  • Individual name for the top group: The name of the parent group now has the name of the password file instead of "My passwords" by default.
  • Custom fields from the Topleiste: Whether a custom field in the top bar is available, can now be set individually by the user, which significantly improves the clarity.  
  • Enhanced Counter Function: The password counter has been improved to now show the total number of passwords in the file and in the selected group.
  • Expand / Collapse Groups: The contents of various groups can now be displayed or hidden with a mouse click.
  • Extended fill sequence: New buttons have been added to the fill sequence so that even the most complex pages can be filled automatically. In addition, the corresponding dialog is now adjustable in size.
  • More options for backups:Backups of a password file can now be stored directly on an FTP server on the Internet or on external hard drives. The time interval between two backup copies can be set by the user himself.
  • Improved printing functions: The pressure display now also indicates whether a password contains attachments.
  • The names of the custom fields are now also stored in encrypted form

4.1.7 (released on 08.06.10)

  • An error that occurred while reading the registration information on USB sticks has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues and text errors have been corrected.

4.1.6 (released on 07.04.10)

  • The problem with locked files introduced in version 4.1.5, which was closed under certain circumstances, has been resolved.

4.1.5 (released on 25.03.10)

  • Some compatibility issues with Windows 7 have been fixed.
  • Several minor bugs and UI issues have been fixed.

4.1.4 (released on 28.10.09)

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Some minor bugs have been corrected.

4.1.3 (released on 24.08.09)

  • The ability to override the program-wide option to save password history for individual passwords has been introduced.
  • An option to limit the number of entries in the password history has been added
  • Horizontal and vertical scroll bars have been added to the Comments field.
  • The problem that occurred under certain conditions when printing password groups has been corrected.
  • The problem with the wrong display of the program edition has been corrected.
  • Some minor bugs and issues have been fixed.

4.1.2 (released on 13.06.09)

  • Improvements in window positioning using two monitors.
  • Optimizations for faster switching to autocomplete and password suggestion modes.
  • Corrections to some UI elements and strings.

4.1.1 (released on 04.06.09)

  • Support for the latest features of Password Depot Server has been introduced.
  • Some minor improvements.

4.1.0 (released on 03.06.09)

  • Improved handling of website errors in the Add to Internet Wizard.
  • The incorrect replacement of command line parameters while opening URLs has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues and cosmetic bugs have been fixed.

4.0.9 (released on 12.05.09)

  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

4.0.8 (freigegeben am 20.04.09)

  • The program has been completely translated into French and Spanish.
  • The Explorer integration of the context menu now supports all operating systems including Windows Vista 64 bit.
  • The issues with incorrect processing of HTML forms in the "Add to the Internet Wizard" have been resolved.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

4.0.7 (released on 09.04.09)

  • Fixed a problem with the system startup menu flashing briefly after switching to Top Bar Mode on Windows Vista / XP.
  • The error message after opening a file protected with the last used key file has been corrected.
  • The problem with the incorrect coding of umlauts and data fields during HTML export has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues and text errors have been corrected.

4.0.6 (released on 31.03.09)

  • The problem that some buttons in the Topleiste were disabled after activation under certain conditions has been fixed.
  • The problem with the faulty activation on a U3 USB stick has been fixed.
  • Some cosmetic fixes for use with larger scale Windows have been made.
  • Some bugs that occurred with certain functions on systems with left-handed mouse have been fixed.
  • Some minor improvements and cosmetic corrections were made.

4.0.5 (released on 09.03.09)

  • The ability to sort passwords in any order has been introduced for the print dialog.
  • It can now be determined whether password changes should be recorded in the history.
  • The ability to set your own password for the client at Password Depot Server 4 has been added.
  • Fixed a bug where a duplicate password entry was created after setting its own password icon.
  • Some minor bugs and cosmetic issues have been fixed.

4.0.4 (released on 11.02.09)

  • The problem with which a small empty window became visible is solved.
  • A problem with the group selection from the top bar in the mode "Top of the screen" has been fixed.

4.0.3 (released on 11.02.09)

  • The problem with missing standard context menus in edit fields has been fixed.
  • The problem that the focus was lost in a password list after autocompletion in the top bar has been fixed.
  • The improved suggestion feature detects URLs without http: // or https: //
  • Some minor issues have been resolved.

4.0.2 (released on 09.02.09)

  • The activation process has been changed so that now users can activate the program, which is not an administrator.
  • Some minor issues and bugs have been fixed.

4.0.1 (released on 06.02.09)

  • The problem with not found file paths in Windows Explorer integration has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues have been fixed and text corrections performed.

Version 4 (released on 03.02.09)

  • File attachments for password entries: Add any files to your password entries.
  • SSynchronization of password files: Quickly find differences in two files
  • Password History:Older versions of a password entry are saved
  • Carrying out the USB flash drive with the ability to create and update autorun.inf files
  • Insert custom fields from the top bar
  • Improved editor for autofill sequences with the ability to edit existing sequences and rearrange elements
  • New operator ‹CLEAR› for auto fill sequences that allows deleting the contents of a target field before data entry
  • Improved editor for entering TANs, which allows the simultaneous addition of several new entries
  • New option to delete source files after decryption
  • Enhanced print command that combines a print options editor, preview and print functions in a single dialog, making printing easier
  • Improved program security: URLs and comments are now also encrypted in memory, printing and export functions require the input of the master password
  • Many new options for launching and behaving the program have been added
  • Improved password suggestion feature: All browsers including Firefox are now supported; Better recognition of related URLs has been introduced.
  • Improved Web Password Wizard, which makes it easy to visit the landing page, extract the required fields, and suggest a matching auto-fill sequence
  • Many other user interface and user interface improvements have been introduced.

3.2.3 (released on 19.06.08)

  • Support for custom fields for command line parameter strings has been introduced.
  • The problem with the freezing top bar with active speech recognition in Windows Vista has been fixed.
  • The problem with the incorrect export of line breaks in comments has been fixed.
  • The problem with the display of wrong umlauts in the print preview has been fixed.
  • Many minor issues have been resolved.

3.2.2 (released on 31.01.08)

  • Introduction of a password export wizard with improved options for exporting to .CSV files.
  • Support of arrow keys (left, top, right, bottom) for auto fill sequences.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista, especially if DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is enabled for all programs.

3.2.1 (released on 24.01.08)

  • The problem with the premature auto-minimization of the program with a combination of certain options has been fixed.
  • Improved auto-fills function for slow browsers / PCs in conjunction with the option "First call URL of the password".

3.2.0 (released on 23.01.08)

  • A new generator for the master password has been introduced. This helps to create easy-to-remember but hard-to-crack passwords.
  • Improved protection against brute force attacks. The lockout period of the dialog window for opening a password file increases with the number of incorrect attempts.
  • Improved protection by automatically closing a password file and locking the program when the computer is idle for n minutes, the user changes, when the computer is idle, etc.
  • Improved password backup functionality. Automatic backups are only created if the current password file has changed since the last backup, the number of backups can now be set individually.
  • Problems with the top bar buttons for copying to the clipboard and dragging and dropping the username and password have been fixed for some mouse types.
  • Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista.
  • Several minor issues have been resolved.

3.1.7 (released on 30.10.07)

  • Improved support for multiple monitors in top-shelf mode.
  • Corrected an issue where it was not possible to uncheck the "Valid until" check box on Windows Vista.

3.1.6 (released on 20.04.07)

  • Correction of a wrong message regarding the test phase in full versions.
  • New program icon for Vista.

3.1.5 (released on 09.04.07)

  • The drag & drop function for the URL field has been re-integrated into the top bar as a new button.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

3.1.4 (released 04.04.07)

  • Passwords, TANs and user-defined fields are now also stored encrypted within a password file.

3.1.3 (released on 25.03.07)

  • Improved compatibility with various firewall types.
  • Several minor bugs and text flaws have been fixed.


  • Correction of an error in the update manager that occurred for user accounts without administrator rights.
  • Correction of a Drag & Drop problem in the Topleiste.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the state of moored areas and bars to not be saved.
  • Corrected the problem in the "Get URL" button (globe icon) of the top bar: the URL is now opened without delay or double clicks.


  • With the new option "Load last used password file at program start" the program can now be started without specifying a password file.
  • In the New Password File dialog box, password files can now no longer be created locally, but also in other locations.
  • The new Internet Server Manager facilitates the management of FTP / HTTP servers.
  • The Open Password File dialog box displays a list of ".psw" files available on the selected FTP server.
  • The import, export and print functionality has been improved: Together with the respective password files or groups, TANs can now optionally be exported, printed or reimported.
  • The TANs belonging to certain password entries can be exported and imported in two new formats: XML and TAN list (plain text file).
  • The new field ‘SPACE› for fill sequences allows you to process complex web forms that contain check boxes or radio buttons.
  • Various other optimizations and bug fixes.


  • Password Depot is now compatible with Windows Vista.
  • The file management in Password Depot Server has been improved: Instead of using a copy from the cache, the user is first prompted to download the current file from the server. A new option has been added to automatically delete the local copy of the password file as soon as the connection to the server is disconnected.
  • The problem of missing Password Depot commands in the context menu of Windows Explorer for certain file types has been fixed.
  • It does not take two mouse clicks to switch to another window after launching the top bar.
  • Several other minor issues have been resolved.


  • The problem, that the USB-Stick installation started at startup on new PCs in freeware mode, has been fixed.
  • Correction of various minor errors.


  • New Password Authentication Options- You can now protect your password files not only with a master password, but also as an alternative or as a supplement to an external key file (highest security level).
  • Improved Keyless Entry Protection (Keylogging)- All password fields have built-in protection against various types of interceptions of keystrokes.
  • Enhanced clipboard protection - Password Depot automatically detects active clipboard viewers and hides their changes in the clipboard; after autofilling, all sensitive data is automatically deleted from the clipboard.
  • Improved protection of the program - Various new options are provided to better protect Password Manager itself: When the program enters locked mode, all sensitive data is deleted from memory. The program can automatically minimize / lock when the computer goes into standby or hibernation, when the current session changes, etc.
  • Virtual keyboard (displayed on screen) - The ultimate protection against intercepting keyboard input: This tool allows you to enter your master password or other sensitive data without even touching the keyboard; Password Depot does not simulate keyboard events, but uses an internal cache so that neither hardware nor software-based interception is possible.
  • More security for password files - Multiple improvements ensure optimal integrity and security of password files (metadata encryption, checksums, etc.)
  • Support for numbered (indexed) TAN numbers - More and more banks are introducing indexed TAN numbers; With Password Depot 3 you can use them in home banking.
  • New Thumbnails (Maps) - All passwords and groups are displayed as small 'maps' with all relevant data. So you have an excellent overview of all passwords in a group.
  • Theme Support - With this new functionality, you can choose one of several integrated themes (skins) for the main window of the program.
  • Improved support for icons- Custom (custom) icons can now represent not only groups but also passwords; The program provides a wide range of built-in 'standard symbols' and a user-friendly interface for organizing and loading user-defined symbols of different graphic file types (ICO, BMP, GIF and JPEG).
  • Improved user interface - Various other changes result in an improved user interface with a contemporary appearance and ease of use.
  • Password Policies - You can set policies that must meet any new or changed passwords (minimum length, types of characters to use, etc.)
  • Import Wizard - This utility simplifies the import of passwords from external XML or CSV files, and allows you to import from CSV files created by other password managers using customizable options (delimiters, text flags, etc.)
  • Improved Search - The password search dialog has been redesigned to include more advanced options. For example, you can use wildcards with wildcards when searching for passwords and limit the search to a specific group or modification period; the top bar can optionally have a search combo box that gives you easy access to a dialog box with advanced options for the password search or a simplified quick search via a drop-down list box.
  • Category Support- Passwords now have a new 'Category' field that makes it easier to organize passwords and search for passwords.
  • Multiple auto-fill methods -One of three different methods can now be used to automatically enter password data in forms. - 2 of these methods use the clipboard and 1 uses keyboard simulations; the first two methods are suitable for most Web forms and Windows applications, however, the third method may be indispensable for some input when the clipboard is blocked.
  • Automatic notification of available updates (see Options -› General)
  • New option for transferring configuration data to the USB stick (see Extras -› Installation Wizard)
  • Automatische Erkennung des Maxthon Web-Browsers
  • New program options for monitoring the clipboard (see Options / Clipboard)
  • Passwords can now be assigned to a desired browser.
  • New option for list of trusted programs
  • Many other minor improvements to the user interface and functionality


  • The "Groups" and "Details" sections have been improved. The program now remembers the position and size. In addition, these areas can be interconnected (docked).
  • In the "Change Master Password" dialog box, the reference to the master password can now also be changed.
  • Added new option to print custom fields.
  • Corrected the wrong program messages that were displayed while attempting to write to read-only USB sticks.
  • Improved column sorting of elements in the main window.
  • Automatic detection of the FlashPeak Slim browser.
  • Improved support for moving columns in the main window.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the program settings to be reset after running the Activation Wizard.
  • Corrected a bug that displayed folders with wrong custom images.
  • Eliminate the restriction of 20 elements in the autocomplete sequences.
  • Program settings are now saved in My Documents in a dedicated system directory instead.
  • Correction of various minor errors.


  • Automatic recovery of the system tray icon after a crash or restart of the Windows Explorer.
  • Improved protection against uncovering hidden text through special tools and / or malware.
  • Correction of an error which occurred during the USB stick installation under Windows 98 / Me.
  • In the Options dialog box, proxy settings are now available.
  • Correction of a bug that did not prompt for saving after unsubscribed changes in the password file after downloading new updates via the Update Manager.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while uploading a .psw file while automatically minimizing the program.
  • Correction of various minor errors.


  • New option to show / hide expired passwords.
  • New option "Show warning of expired passwords".
  • Corrected an error that changed the shape of the mouse cursor when using autocomplete.
  • Corrected the error that disabled some buttons after executing the Find function in the Top bar.
  • Improved password analysis.
  • Fixed bug with wrong proxy settings in Update Manager.
  • Correction of various minor errors.


  • New functions for import / export of TANs.
  • Enhanced autocompletion: execution is now faster and passwords with special characters are now supported.
  • Fixed the bug that could not find Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 SP4.
  • New option to show / hide expired passwords.
  • New option "Show warning of expired passwords".
  • Corrected an error that changed the mouse pointer when using autocomplete.
  • Correction of an error that disabled some buttons after executing the Find function in the Top bar.
  • Improvement of the sorting function in the main window and in the top bar.
  • Fixed a bug in the top bar after changing the screen resolution.
  • Correction of various minor bugs.


  • Correction of various minor bugs.


  • Extension of the Windows Explorer context menu even more user-friendly: warnings before overwriting existing files, double-click function for encrypted files (* .pwde)
  • Technically refined password analysis.
  • Improved update manager in the changed design.
  • Correction of the error where the last settings in the password generator were not saved.


  • Support for drag-and-drop and auto-completion now available for Firefox, Netscape and Opera.
  • Improved and configurable top bar.
  • Extension of the Windows Explorer context menu with the commands: Encrypt, Decrypt, Delete Completely.
  • Automatic locking when not using the PC.
  • Improved password analysis.
  • Custom "primary browser" and "secondary browser".
  • Improved password generator.
  • Maximum password length extended to 256 characters.
  • Support JPEG and GIF formats for group icons.


  • Export and import of password files in XML format possible.
  • Export the entire password file or a selected group.
  • Import the passwords into the My Passwords group or any group.
  • Enhanced Print: Select whether to print the entire password file or just a specific group.
  • Sorting groups.
  • Fixed bug where program options were not saved after rebooting Windows.
  • Corrected the "Invalid time encoding argument" error that occurred when the pwdepot.ini file was manually changed.
  • Further detail improvements.


  • Correction of "Invalid Index" error after switching from the top bar mode.


  • Corrected the error where the system cursor was not restored if the "First to URL of passwords" option was selected for autocomplete.
  • Improved dialog box for adding / changing passwords.
  • Correction of the error where the position and size of the main window and the top bar were not saved.
  • Fixed minor text errors in hints and dialog boxes.


  • Improved top bar: Buttons on the top bar can be displayed or hidden as needed.
  • Neues Dialogfeld, falls beim Speichern der Datei ein Fehler aufgetreten ist.
  • Corrected the problem of collapsing from the top bar when the Always Lock On Minimize option was selected.
  • Improved support for custom fields.
  • Optimization of the program for better use on USB sticks.


  • Size of the drop-down field "Group" in the top bar can be adjusted as desired.
  • Multi-monitor support: Top bar can now be displayed on all monitors.
  • New option that automatically locks Password Depot while minimizing.


  • Corrected the restart error when Password Depot was minimized and the option "Minimize when clicking Close" was selected.
  • Corrected the error caused by right-clicking in autocomplete mode.
  • Fixed bug with multiple connections to a user's Password Depot Server.


  • Server Module: Use Password Depot 2 with multiple users at the same time on the local network!
  • Password files on the Internet: Optionally put your encrypted password files on the Internet. So you can always access your passwords, no matter where you are!
  • USB stick support: Save Password Depot and your passwords on your USB stick. So you have your passwords with you at all times.
  • Custom Fields: Create as many custom fields as you want in the database. How to customize Password Depot to your individual requirements!
  • Identification of suitable passwords: The program automatically recognizes which password belongs to a website and selects it automatically!
  • New wizards: Use the wizards to add Internet passwords. Or install Password Depot on a USB stick using the wizards.
  • Best possible encryption ofyour data by encryption with Rijndael 256! Your password file is now double-protected: on the one hand with the master password you are using and on the other with an internal key.
  • Checking Password Quality: Have the quality and security of your passwords tested! New and intelligent algorithms take a close look at the passwords you use and warn you against "weak" passwords.
  • Encrypt your external fileswith Password Depot to make confidential documents inaccessible to third parties!
  • Variables in URLs: Power users have the ability to maximize customization of variables in URLs. This also allows special cases to be automated.
  • Support for TANs: Especially for customers who use Password Depot for online banking, we have added the support of TANs!
  • New program options:The new Password Depot is completely customizable thanks to numerous new program options!
  • Countless detail improvements and new features:Thanks to the feedback from more than 100,000 users, further improvements to the details have been incorporated into the program.


  • The program now starts in the mode in which it was terminated.
  • Correction of the error where the directory structure "passwords" was displayed after changing the language without content
  • The character "{" can now be used easily for passwords and usernames
  • Deactivated actions in the freeware version are now translated
  • Corrected the error when displaying the "Show only passwords" option

  • The Annotations field can now contain more than 255 characters and comma and semicolon can be used.
  • Correction of the bug that caused some features to be disabled after using autocomplete.
  • Cyrillic characters can be used for passwords or groups.
  • Improved sort order in the password files: Order is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Even better and more obvious warnings when a password expires.
  • Correction of the error that caused some actions to fail after the first start of the program
  • Further optimizations.

  • Correction of some translation problems in English.

  • New feature: Duplicate passwords.
  • New option: open new browser window.
  • New function: Copy and paste passwords from the clipboard.
  • New function: Move groups.
  • Correction of missing translations for English keyboard shortcuts.
  • Corrected an error that changed the mouse pointer when using autocomplete.
  • Correction of the error in the installation script.
  • Further optimizations.

  • Correction of incomplete country list in Activation Wizard.

  • Correction of the error in the installation script.
  • Corrected the error that occurred with special characters in the Username and Password fields.
  • Correction of the error "Can not change Visible in OnShow or OnHide", which occurred after program start with "Tip of the Day" activated.
  • Correction of the error "Deactivated window can not receive the focus".
  • Correction of the error "Proxy IP and port can not be entered in the proxy settings".


  • Activation of the Professional Version now possible at the first program start.
  • Correction of the error "Proxy settings can not be entered".
  • Correction of error "Special characters in user name or password field" which prevented autocomplete in certain constellations.
  • Correction of error "Links to support pages failed" that occurred in the About dialog box.

  • Simplified registration and activation of the software via new wizards.
  • Correction of the error "Deactivated or invisible window can not receive the focus", which occurred in certain constellations.
  • Correction of the error "File not found" that occurred in certain constellations.


  • The program can optionally automatically minimize and lock additionally after an adjustable period of non-use to prevent unauthorized access to passwords when the workstation is left with the program open and unlocked.
  • The first time the program launches, it automatically displays the Create New Password File dialog box if no password file was used in previous releases.
  • Failed login attempts are logged and displayed at the next successful login.
  • When entering a URL, optionally existing session IDs can be automatically removed.
  • If the Go to URL option is enabled but no URL is entered, double-clicking a password displays the password change dialog box.
  • From the top bar mode you can switch back to the normal mode with the key combination Ctrl + T.
  • In the freeware version, only the program-defined password file "Password Depot.psw" with a maximum of 20 passwords can be used. With the full version, you can use any number of password files with as many passwords as you like.
  • The dialog box The last used password file could not be found is now correctly displayed even with system fonts larger than 96 dpi.
  • Further numerous optimizations and various improvements.


  • Top Bar Enhancement: The Group drop-down box now optionally has a concise display with a hierarchical structure (set via Options / Top bar / Style of the group box).
  • Revised installation script.
  • Improved update manager.
  • In the main window, the width of the group window and the column widths of the password window are now saved and restored when the program is restarted.
  • Tip of the day (activation / deactivation via Options / General / Program start).
  • New keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands.
  • The minutes for deleting the password from the clipboard (options / clipboard) now also allow a value that is less than 1.
  • New menu option Extras.
  • Numerous program optimizations, bug fixes and new program options.


  • New option for setting the top bar position.
  • Correction of the bug that did not focus on other applications while minimizing the top bar.


  • The application has a revised help in HTML format.
  • The French translation has been revised.


  • The application can be completely minimized (tray bar support).
  • Start and autocomplete of Windows applications with Password Depot.
  • Sorting the groups.
  • Password Depot files (.psw) are registered in Windows, so double-clicking in the Windows Explorer on a psw file will open them in the Password Depot.
  • New option that allows you to open the URL in the browser by clicking on the AutoComplete icon first.
  • After three incorrect entries of the master password, the entry is blocked for 10 seconds. This further increases the security of your data.
  • Customizable display of the password list (columns on / off).
  • Immediately import an existing password file after installation, or the first time the program is started.
  • Color-adjustable top bar.
  • Further numerous optimizations and various improvements.

7.5.3 (released on 16.07.14)

  • Automatic synchronization with the AD has been improved to avoid problems when the domain controller is not available.
  • Client authentication using domain accounts has been enhanced.

7.5.2 (released on 12.11.13)

  • In the views Files, Users and Groups, the display of the entries can now be filtered.
  • The import via the Active Directory Assistant has been improved.

7.5.1 (released on 08.11.13)

  • A new user class (File Administrator) has been introduced. These users can log in to the control console, add files, and assign rights to files.
  • In the security settings of a file, the list of users and groups can be filtered to find a specific user or group more quickly.
  • Some small bugs have been fixed.

7.5.0 (released 09.10.13)

  • Rights for passwords and groups: Administrators can grant rights in even greater detail. In addition to the old rights assignment, rights to read, modify and / or delete each individual group and each entry of a file can now be defined.

7.0.3 (released on 24.07.13)

  • Administrators of the server can now create reports on files and users for a better overview.

7.0.2 (released on 12.07.13)

  • From now on, a notification system is available. The server can now send e-mail notifications and include reports on various events in the System Journal.
  • Improved synchronization with the Active Directory and the possibility of automatic, regular updating.
  • Correction of various minor bugs.

7.0.1 (released on 04/16/13)

  • Correction of a fatal error which allowed only the connection via a local IP address.

7.0.0 (released on 15.04.13)

  • Added support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
  • Direct import of password files to the server has been enabled.
  • Synchronization between files in different locations and files on a Password Depot server has been enhanced.
  • Security of password files on the server has been increased: no local copies are used.
  • Logging and handling of errors has been enhanced: The administrator receives a warning immediately after invalid option changes.
  • Automatic reconnection to clients after unexpected network failures.

6.0.2 (released on 04.11.11)

  • The import of users and groups from the Active Directory database has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where an option to save passwords files was not saved.
  • Some other optimizations have been introduced.

6.0.1 (released on 02.08.11)

  • The ability to delete non-empty passphrase groups has been introduced.
  • Some minor bugs have been corrected.

6.0.0 (released on 07/14/11)

  • Extended password policies have been introduced. The server administrator can set a default policy for the files. Special permissions for printing, exporting, and other functions can be assigned to users and groups for selected passwords files.

  • The Active Directory import users and groups has been introduced.
  • A new authentication method for clients at Password Depot Server has been introduced using the Windows NT credentials .
  • Advanced backup options have been introduced.
  • Various other improvements and optimizations have been introduced.

5.0.3 (released on 20.04.11)

  • Fixed a problem in the control console that caused some passphrase files to not be imported.

5.0.2 (released on 29.03.11)

  • Various optimizations and minor improvements.

5.0.1 (released on 28.10.10)

  • Some optimizations have been made to improve server performance.
  • An error regarding the incorrect processing of a restriction to an IP address range was corrected.

5 (released on 24.09.10)

  • An improved multi-user environment method has been introduced so that multiple clients can now use and edit the same password file simultaneously.
  • All connected clients now receive automatic updates and notifications from the server, so they can always use the most recent version of a password file without having to reopen it from the server.
  • Numerous improvements have been introduced to make the server faster and more reliable.
  • Full support of Unicode in the password files and the user interface.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 was introduced.
  • Compatibility with the latest generation Password Depot 5 client software.

4.0.4 (released on 25.03.10)

  • Some minor issues have been corrected.

4.0.3 (released on 04.06.09)

  • Improved detection of reconnecting clients by authenticating hardware IPs instead of IP addresses.
  • The problem with the missing default password after installation without server restart has been fixed.
  • The sorting of items in the control console list views has been introduced.
  • Some text errors have been corrected.

4.0.2 (released on 13.05.09)

  • Fixed issue with access to locked files by other users in read-only mode.
  • The problem with the incorrect processing of files and user names with umlauts has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues and text errors have been corrected.

4.0.1 (released on 02.04.09)

  • The erroneous display of the file list when the administrator connects from the Password Depot Client has been fixed.
  • The problem that the administrator password was not saved after a reboot has been fixed.
  • The problem with incorrect handling of group permissions has been fixed.

4.0.0 (released on 24.03.09)

  • The server concept has been changed - the program has been divided into two different areas: the server application and the control console.
  • The Password Depot server can be installed as an NT service or Windows application, in both cases it has no UI, does not interact with the desktop, and consumes minimal system resources.
  • The control console communicates with the server over the TCP / IP protocol and can be installed on the same computer as the server or on another for remote administration of the Password Depot server.
  • Full support for Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7.
  • Improved management of user rights for password files.
  • The possibility to change your own password has been introduced to the clients.
  • Support for user groups has been introduced.
  • Some new options for server files and clients have been added.
  • Further improvements in usability.

3.0.5 (released 05.05.07)

  • Improved Server Stability - The NT service now periodically monitors server status and causes a reboot if the server shuts down due to a logoff from the terminal session or a crash crash.

3.0.4 (released on 25.03.07)

  • Several minor bugs and text flaws have been fixed.


  • If the administrator logon to the server fails because of an invalid password, the invalid password is no longer stored in the log.


  • New password files can now also be created and stored directly in the Password Depot Server Control Panel.
  • Corrected the problem that an error message was displayed when the control panel was closed via the operating system taskbar.
  • Fix other minor issues


  • The operation of the control panel has been slightly improved: When the control panel is called, the server is no longer automatically started.


  • Increased execution speed: The server now works faster and uses less system resources than before.
  • Improved support for the Windows NT service: The server now acts as an ND service without the need for a manual login.
  • New Control Panel, for easy management and administration of the server.
  • Increased server security: Password fields now have keylogger protection and the administrator password in memory is encrypted.
  • Integration of an automatic update manager.
  • Integration of various improvements and enhancements for easy and reliable administration.


  • Automatic recovery of the system tray icon after a crash or restart of the Windows Explorer.
  • Improved protection against uncovering hidden text through special tools and / or malware.
  • Various optimizations and correction of various minor errors.

What's new in the Android edition will be logged on Google Play.

The innovations of the iOS edition are logged in the Apple Store.

12.0.5 (released 22.10.19)

  • Fixed a problem using OpenSSL libraries.

12.0.4 (released 17.09.19)

  • Fixed a problem with generating and assigning external key files.
  • Some minor bugs and text issues have been fixed.

12.0.3 (released 24.07.19)

  • The Mac Edition is now a 64-bit app.
  • Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina has been added.
  • The 2-factor authentication for the Password Depot Enterprise Server has been implemented.

12.0.2 (released 08.05.19)

  • Entries can now be moved to other folders.
  • During the search, the folder in which the found entries are located is now displayed.
  • Correction of minor program errors

11.0.5 (released on 21.11.18)

  • Fixed an error of extraction of documents added on Windows when an external key file is used instead of a master password.

11.0.3 (released on 22.03.18)

  • Multiple UI and text issues have been resolved.

10.5.5 (released on 21.11.17)

  • A problem with self-closing pop-up menus under macOS 10.13 High Sierra has been fixed.