Ten reasons for our password manager!

With the multiple test and award winner Password Depot, you only need to remember one password for all your confidential data. But there are further good reasons to rely on this password manager!

1. More security

Password Depot protects your passwords from keyloggers, clipboard viewers and other spyware. Even if your computer is infected with such "pests", your data is safe!

The security is rounded off by data encryption with the algorithm AES (Rijndael 256), the safest algorithm by today's technology standards!

2. More test victories

Since 2007, Password Depot has won numerous test wins in benchmark tests of well-known and reputable German journals!

No other password manager - whether open source, freeware or commercial - from any other manufacturer has comparable impressive test victories!

3. More flexibility

Decide for yourself where you want to store your databases:

  • on your Computer
  • on the Enterprise Server
  • on a USB Stick
  • on the Internet
  • in the Local Network
  • on your Smartphone (Android and iPhone)
  • on Cloud Devices

4. More functions

Use a variety of powerful and sophisticated features to manage your passwords - with more fun, higher productivity, and maximum security.

These sophisticated, secure and powerful features of our software are based not least on feedback from more than 250,000 users worldwide. Thus, we always remain cutting-edge and up-to-date with the latest developments, requirements and wishes.

5. More comfort

Password Depot simplifies the use of passwords and thus reduces your workload.

For example, the automatic fill-in function offers more convenience: In the most popular browsers, it automatically recognizes which password data belong to a visited website and fills in this data.

6. More individuality

We have designed Password Depot so that you can customize it to suit your needs.

Individuality begins with the program options that let the software be configured to your needs and specifications, and also includes, for example, custom fields that you can use to add your own password information.

7. More choice

Password Depot gives you the ability to save important data. You can not only create general password entries, but also specific entries for the following types:

  • Password
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Credit card
  • EC card
  • Software License
  • Identity
  • Information
  • Encrypted file
  • Document

Each of these entry types has custom fields. For example, the "Credit card" entry has a PIN field, whereas the "Software License" entry has a field for the purchase date.

8. More quality

Using the program, you ensure that the quality of your passwords meets the highest standards!

On the one hand, with a few mouse clicks, you can generate extremely complex passwords thanks to the sophisticated password generator.

On the other hand, you can check the quality of your passwords used. New and intelligent algorithms scrutinize your passwords and warn you against "weak" passwords.

9. More users

Do you need a shared access to a database? That's no problem with the Enterprise Server!

Install the Enterprise Server on any Windows machine on the local network and assign the appropriate rights to users who can access it. You can still use local databases.

10. More "less"

Although Password Depot can do a lot, it is also able to hide its abilities.

If you do not need the multitude of powerful features and extras, just hide them. Thus, by choosing the beginner mode from Password Depot, you get a compact, simple password management tool.