Tutorial: Feature Tour

Start a small tour of some of Password Depot's features. For this, we have prepared several videos for you - select a topic for which you want more details (the duration of the video is shown in the right-hand column):

ThemeRunning time
> Creating a new file: How to create new databases.00:01:22
> Adding new entries: How to add new entries to an existing database.00:01:17
> Using the top bar: How to use the comfortable top bar.00:02:25
> Auto-fill web forms using add-ons: How to use the browser add-ons.00:03:10
> Adding passwords from a browser: How to add new entries directly from your browser to your database.00:01:19
> Auto completion via a button: How to fill out logins alternatively via fill sequences.00:02:02
> Using the password generator: How to generate secure passwords.00:02:40
> Encrypted attachments: How to add files to your entries.00:02:08
> Changing the authentication: How to change the authentication of your database.00:01:39
> Create backup files: How to create backup copies.00:01:51
> Open backup file: How to open your backup copies.00:01:02
> Transferring passwords to mobile devices: How to transfer your databases to your smartphone.00:01:06
> Create folder: How to create folders for your passwords.00:00:46

Was your desired topic not included? Then consult our Knowledge Base or the online help of Password Depot, or Password Depot Enterprise Server.