How to Create Backup Files

Backup files can be created in two different ways: manually by the user and/or automatically by Password Depot.

Creating backup files manually

You can manually create backup files of your current database. To do so, open the tab Database and click on Backup (Ctrl + B).

Creating backup files automatically

You can set Password Depot to regularly create automatic backups. For this purpose, the following options are available:

  • Automatic, remote: In Database → Properties (Ctrl + I) → Backup, you can set up automatic remote backups and the intervals in which they are created.
  • Automatic, local: In Edit → Options (F10) → Save → Save and Backup, you can set up automatic local backups and choose when they should be created.
    • Create a backup copy on database saving
    • Create a backup copy on database opening
    • Additionally, you can define how many backup copies should be saved at maximum. Outdated backups will be deleted automatically.