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The outstanding
password manager.

Password Depot reliably protects your passwords and documents from unauthorized access! Whether you work at home or in a major corporation. On your Windows, Android, iOS or macOS device.

The outstanding password manager

Uncrackable. Versatile. Outstanding.

Memorize only one password

From now on, you will only need to remember one single password - the password with which you open Password Depot.

Memorize only one password
Maximum security for your passwords

Maximum security for your passwords

Based on the highest security standard of AES (Rijndael 256) double encryption, your passwords are protected from external access optimally.

Create secure passwords

You can use our clever password generator to create secure passwords with just one click. There are only a few other password managers including such a clever and powerful password generator.

Create strong passwords
Automatic filling of your data

Auto complete of your data

Your access data will be entered automatically in your browser. But not only that: Enter any data automatically that you normally type in manually using your keyboard.

Access your data from different devices

Do you work with your Windows computer or iMac during the day but would like to use your iOS or Android smartphone in the evening? With Password Depot you can access the same passwords using different devices.

Access your data from different devices
Certified security

Certified security

Your data is safe with Password Depot. This has been documented by the security experts of SySS GmbH under Sebastian Schreiber and Matthias Deeg in extensive security and penetration tests in April 2021.

Numerous awards from security experts

No matter, if Fraunhofer Institute, CHIP or PC Magazin - since 2007, numerous awards have proven the reliability of Password Depot.

All confidential data safely in one place

Apart from passwords you can e.g. also store your software licenses, documents, TANs and credit card data in Password Depot.

Enterprise Server for business customers

With Password Depot Enterprise Server, you can manage password databases via network to use them together as a team.

You decide where to store your confidential data!

  • Lokal
  • Enterprise Server
    Enterprise Server
  • Usb Stick
    USB Stick
  • Cloud Service
    Cloud Service

High-performance On-premises Enterprise Server!

Manage passwords, documents, identities, debit or credit cards, Remote Desktop Connections and much more of your confidential data centrally and company-wide. Store your data on your own server and not somewhere in the cloud!

Shared databases

Use databases collaboratively with all authorized team members.

Encrypted connection

Data exchange between the enterprise server and clients always remains AES 256 Bit encrypted.

Departments and groups

Arrange your users by departments and groups in a transparent manner, or import from Active Directory.

Enterprise Server

Detailed rights management

Assign access rights according to databases, folders or single entries.

Detailed reporting

Receive notifications for user-defined events, e.g. access to an entry.

Intuitive interface

Thanks to the sophisticated software architecture, you will benefit from Password Depot immediately — without extensive, expensive training!

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We will be happy to provide all information and consulting services.

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High-performance Apps for Smartphones!

Use Password Depot on your Android or iOS Smartphone as well. Connect to your Password Depot Enterprise Server directly from your Smartphone!

  • 100000+
    Satisfied users
  • 22
    Years in the market
  • 20+
    Awards & Test Wins!
  • 2500000+
    Lines program code
  • Dipl.-Ing Ralf-André Winopal

    Dipl.-Ing Ralf-André Winopal

    WINOPAL Forschungsbedarf GmbH

    The program is recommendable in every way. It is easy to use and allows to save and execute the program to and from a USB device. Easy, fast, intuitive.

  • Kai Rosenboom

    Kai Rosenboom

    Right now, Password Depot for me represents by far the best tool for easy and secure management of many passwords on the PC. Many of my customers use the product successfully as well.

  • Pascal Reinheimer

    Pascal Reinheimer

    Reinheimer Systemlösungen GmbH

    Password Depot by AceBIT is a convenient software with a high degree of flexibility. It can be set up for individual needs.


Ensure GDPR compliance with our security software made in Germany: Password Depot has been developed in Darmstadt, City of Science, for more than 20 years!

Multiple award Winners!

Our customers as well as the professional trade press are impressed with Password Depot!

  • Computer Bild

    Fraunhofer Institute on behalf of Computer Bild

    Among all tested programs, Password Depot (...) offers the highest security standards for passwords." During the extensive practical tests of the Fraunhofer Institute, Password Depot "was by far the product to impress most and successfully defended stored passwords against all attacks."

  • Top 100 most innovative companies

    Top-100 of the most innovative companies at and Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke's team

    During security tests of password managers experts of the Fraunhofer Institute found out, among other things, that Password Depot "was the only software that impressed experts"”. In 2021, Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his science team chose AceBIT as one of the most innovative companies.

  • Testsieger beim PC-Magazin

    Benchmark test in PC Magazin

    Password Depot's Version 11 offers all important password functions. With its security functions, enterprise server and outstanding password control, its software wins the test.

  • Sehr gute Bewertung bei Netzwelt

    Benchmark test in Chip

    Secure and easy - that's only the award winner Password Depot. The uncomplex and intuitive interface allows even beginners to keep their passwords safe.

Not only the trade press is enthusiastic about Password Depot

Over 100,000 customers worldwide use our password manager.

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Frequently asked questions

We can likely say that using one of the many popular password managers is definitely more secure than saving passwords in Excel sheets or writing them on small pieces of paper, etc. However, in many cases, users have to upload their data to servers in foreign countries, which can be a problem. Additionally, some password managers store all data in non-encrypted form in memory once the session is finished, which is a no-go! That's why, with Password Depot, you can decide where you want to store your data. Moreover, as far as possible within the complex storage management of Windows, your data is always encrypted and removed from memory when no longer in use.

Naturally, our perspective on this issue may not be entirely objective. However, we can offer some additional facts for further clarification: In many cases, password managers that are particularly user-friendly receive recognition and awards in test reports. However, these reports often overlook the fact that many of these tools are developed in the USA, and users have no choice but to upload their passwords to the companies' US-based servers. One such frequently awarded test winner has faced significant criticism in recent years due to revelations that users' passwords had been stolen. On the other hand, some password managers store all passwords in plain text in memory after the program has been initially launched.

You can use Password Depot to autofill your login information in your browser. To do this, a browser add-on is necessary. Currently, the add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer.