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Password Depot was test and award winner in all benchmark tests by well-known German specialist journals. But what's even more important to us: our customers' feedback also bears witness to the popularity and quality of our product.

That's the difference between Password Depot and free, freeware, open source and other common password managers.

  • Password Depot by AceBIT is a convenient software with a high degree of flexibility. It can be set up for individual needs.

  • Andreas Falk

    Andreas Falk, Fellbach


    Password Depot offers exactly the features I expect from good password management software. And the best thing is: The price / performance ratio is just right here!

  • Kai Rosenboom

    Kai Rosenboom, Wildeshausen


    Right now, Password Depot for me is by far the best tool for easy and secure management of many passwords on the PC. Many of my customers also use the product successfully.

  • Biagio Costagliola

    Biagio Costagliola, Bad Honnef

    I am very satisfied with my Password Depot 12 solution. It is an all around succeeded and reliable software with which I can manage my user data on a large scale perfectly.

  • Heiner Hemken

    Heiner Hemken


    Password Depot allows us to secure our Internet passwords against theft and to protect them against attacks by third parties on our PCs. This software is really worth the money.

  • Ralf-André Winopal

    Dipl.-Ing Ralf-André Winopal, Ahnsbeck


    The program is recommendable without restrictions. It is easy to use and allows the storage and execution of the program on a USB stick. Simple, fast, intuitive.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Mike Michel, Schwarzenbach a.Wald


    With Password Depot, I finally found a tool after a long search with which I can manage all my passwords safely and clearly. I'm happy about this acquisition almost every day!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Ingo Hofer, officeXmedia GmbH, Weitnau


    In the age of the most modern cybercrimes, it was important for us to bring the customer passwords to an even higher level of security. With Password Depot, we have found the solution.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Dr. Alexander Müllner-Gilli, Mödling

    Password Depot is a great product that helps me easily and securely manage my passwords, create new secure passwords in seconds, and is a must in everyday Internet life.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Torsten Blaus, SZMF GmbH, Salzgitter


    Password Depot is an excellent tool for managing your own passwords. Organization, overview and automatic completion of username and password make Password Deport indispensable!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Oliver Grasl, transentis consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Wiesbaden


    Password Depot is great: It's easy to use and generates secure passwords. Handling of passwords in our company has greatly improved thanks to Password Depot.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Markus Rotter, Salzburg Österreich

    The optimal password management for on the way, which also beats the competition by security and additional features.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Thomas Kulicke, Kulicke GmbH, Krefeld

    The program is intuitive and easy to use. No training period is necessary. The passwords are securely managed. I do not want to miss Password Depot anymore.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Andreas Stumpp, Hohenau


    With Password Depot, I have all my passwords clear and with the ability to retrieve the password file via FTP from a server, also available everywhere.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    J. Blocher, Göfis, Österreich


    Password Depot is for me both an at-work, as well as a daily private, small helper, which I do not want to miss.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Martin Schuler, Kassel

    Customers of our advertising agency can rely on our care in dealing with their (access) data. PWD offers optimal security and easy handling when dealing with sensitive data.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    K. Brennemann, Affoltern a.A., Schweiz


    PD is an absolutely essential daily remedy for me. Only thanks to this software I use almost exclusively "hard" passwords and never allocate a password twice.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Peter Hampf, Vechta Deutschland

    Initially, I was skeptical of 'deposit solutions' for passwords. Meanwhile, I cannot imagine working without PD. An absolute 'must have' product.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Robert Heydecke, Celle

    More and more software products are web-based and accessible to everyone. In order to protect sensitive corporate data as well as personal data, the use of Password Depot is essential.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Günter Schmauzer, Klagenfurt-Viktring


    Since my job as a web designer and ISP provider requires hundreds of passwords and access codes every day, Password Depot has become one of my most important administration programs.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Klaus Bernhardt, Weil am Rhein


    I am absolutely satisfied by Password Depot. I've been looking for something similar for a long time, but it does not get any better.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Bernhard Schuh, Schwetzingen


    There is simply nothing comparable that is so user-friendly.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Bertschy Handel, Menzingen, Schweiz


    Comfort is ... ... remembering only one password and yet having the certainty that all other passwords are safely stored and accessible worldwide.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Dr. Erich Striedl Michendorf

    A password for all applications and my personalized and partly cost-related access to the Internet seems grossly negligent - Password Depot is a sensible alternative for me.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Helmut Wicher, Flörsbachtal


    In this day and age, you have to work with a lot of passwords. One is advised to do so with the program Password Depot - can only recommend this!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Sven Hamm, Bissendorf

    My paper economy with various login names and passwords was annoying. I can remember a password instead of about 47, that is a huge relief.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Wolfgang Kühl, Hennstedt


    Finally a safe and uncomplicated software! Simply great!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Ralf Hönicke, Braunschweig


    Very handy: Finally, remember only one password and all the others (ebay, forums, etc.) can be-as well as cryptically-inserted with a mouse click. The takeaway via USB is just great!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Dirk Ebert, Aachen


    If you are looking for a completely secure, reliable and easy-to-use program for securing and managing your passwords, Password Depot is the right choice.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Klaus Schneeberger, Eggelsberg, Österreich


    Easy-to-use, secure creation of random passwords and with the top bar perfectly integrated into the workflow! Keep it up.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Marian Baston, Witten Deutschland

    The best I have ever had! Finally, I can really create and manage really secure passwords. With Password Depot on the USB stick, I have all my passwords always with me.

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Enzio Gehrig, Denia, Spanien


    Password Depot is an excellent program that should not be missing on any computer!

  • Zufriedener Kunde :)

    Tankred Kihm, Neustetten


    Password Depot has helped us significantly improve the security of our infrastructure. In addition, it has helped to simplify some work processes.