More Security With The Use Of Password Depot

Nowadays many procedures require passwords, user names, nick names, user IDs, PINs etc. Nobody is able to keep in mind all these passwords or assign them correctly. This procedure gets even more difficult as the users cannot always choose the passwords by themselves. Here the disadvantage is that the randomly given passwords do not have any reference to the corresponding user. This is not the case if the user can choose a password. This password frequently includes the birth date in combination with a pet name or any other name.

The best hiding-place for your passwords

However, it still remains difficult to keep in mind all these passwords and their purposes. Many people start writing their passwords on a slip of paper which they hide at a secure place. But this does not ensure the safety of your passwords. What if an unauthorized person finds this slip, thus immediately having access to all of your passwords? If the author of this slip has also documented in detail which password belongs to which procedure, they are completely at the finder’s mercy.

Another problem is the place where the password slip is kept. It can happen that the hiding-place is so unusual that the person who uses it, cannot find it anymore. Or the password slip is not considered to be important and is thrown away by accident.

Security comes first

The most secure place for storing your passwords is the computer. With Password Depot, you can not only store your passwords, but also user information as well and create backups. The secure encryption of your confidential data is ensured by modern security algorithms like BlowFish and Rijndael (for more information please refer to our article How do the encryption algorithms Rijndael and BlowFish work). These security algorithms have the advantage that the list access key for the encryption of your password list is not stored to your pc. Nobody can find your list access key there. Your are the only person who knows it.

Concerning security, Password Depot allows you to create virtually uncrackable passwords. Passwords like e.g.

    % ^ $ ^ &% 5fgdwjh542375 fgHTR675B86876uy & ^ 7g7566754489gGDFfgdr

are uncrackable. In order to remember and use these passwords, store them in Password Depot so that you can access these complicated passwords from your pc. You can insert these passwords into the corresponding field of the required website with only few mouse movements.

How can I irrevocably delete information?

If you prefer to keep your passwords in written form because it is easier to delete them irrevocably, Password Depot has a solution for you. To definetely delete information, Password Depot uses a shredding method conforming to the US Department of Defense standard DOD 5220.22-M.

Deleting temporary files is also very important because they can contain data that could be extracted by someone. Deleting files from Windows Explorer is not secure, because only the file name will be deleted. The data is still left on the hard disk and can be restored at any time.

One of the requirements specified in the US Department of Defense shredding standard is that the data needs to be overwritten first by a binary complementary pattern and then by random values. Data must be overwritten seven times in total. Temporary files and folders which are created, but not completely removed by some applications are completely deleted. In addition to that, Internet traces, protocols and cookies can also be removed without remainder.

Security is becoming an increasingly important issue in all areas of life today. Password Depot offers you this security – on the highest level: With Password Depot, you can not only store and back up your confidential data, but also delete it without leaving traces on your hard disk.