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With this simple password generator, you can quickly create secure passwords. If you need a more complex and powerful password generator, install Password Depot on your computer.
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Do not use words

A secure password should consist of many characters and should not contain any words that might appear in dictionaries. For example, MyHomeOnSylt is a very bad password. Although it uses quite a lot of characters, it consists of four simple words that can be found in any dictionary. It is therefore very easy to guess.

Keine Wörter

Reduce vulnerability to brute force attacks

Use different characters and character types, i.e. letters, numbers and special characters. Mix capital and small letters. If the account for which you want to generate a password does not allow special characters, you should at least use the maximum number of characters that is supported.

A complex and long password can only be guessed by a brute force attack. With the brute-force method, all possible combinations are tried until the correct password is guessed.

Use a professional password generator

The above password generator already creates very secure passwords. Nevertheless, we recommend to always use Password Depot to generate passwords. Password Depot also uses dictionaries to assess the quality of passwords. These dictionaries contain not only words from the language but also passwords which have already been cracked and published. Furthermore, the Password Generator in Password Depot displays a qualitative estimate which does not only consist of a simple algorithm but, as mentioned above, of dictionary queries.

Password Generator
Password Manager

Use a Password Manager

Nobody can remember complex passwords. Conversely, an easy-to-remember password can rarely be secure because it is obviously not complex enough. For this reason, you should create and store your passwords in a password manager like Password Depot. This online password generator offers you an easy way to create a strong password, but you should also store this password securely in an encrypted database. With Password Depot, you can then have these passwords conveniently filled out in the Internet via your browser.

Use Password Depot for free

You can download Password Depot from this website and use it for free on all your devices (Windows, iOS, macOS and Android). All these editions are free of charge. Only the Windows edition has to be paid for if you want to manage more than 20 passwords.

If you would like to increase security in your company as well, you can use Password Depot Enterprise Server. This system allows you to share your passwords with other team members. There is also a free edition which allows you to create up to 3 users.

Do you have further questions?

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