Master Password Generator

The Master Password Generator assists you in finding a password which is particularly safe and at the same time also easy to remember.

You can launch this generator when creating a new database and then, in the corresponding window, clicking on the button Create Master Password (gear wheel symbol to the right of the field Master password).

To create your master password, the generator takes a phrase of your choice as the starting point. The generator will then use the phrase's initial letters and change some of them in a random manner, using the Leetspeak Conversion Table (see second tab).

  • Please enter below an easy-to-remember phrase of at least 8 words : Here, you enter a phrase that should contain at least eight words. You can invent the phrase yourself, but should be sure to be able to remember it! Having entered your phrase into this field, the button Generate Password becomes active. Click on this button to make the generator create a password.
  • Generated password: Shows the password that the password generator has created from the phrase you had entered above.
  • Password quality: Shows the generated password's quality.
  • Convert phrase using: You can chose from a number of options regarding lowercase and uppercase letters and the conversion table being used. You also have the possibility to keep the original uppercase/lowercase letters of your sentence. After all, the most important thing is not only a secure password, but also one you can remember!
  • Template used: Here, you can see how the initial letters of your original phrase were changed. To understand the meaning of each template element, please refer to the Template Legend at the bottom of the window.
  • Leetspeak Conversion Table: On this second tab of the currently opened window, you can see the Leetspeak Conversion Table and also change the default table in use.  

Click OK afterwards to use the generated password as the master password of your database.

NOTE: It is essential that you are able to remember the password based on the original sentence!