Options - General

In the program's Options (Edit -→ Options or F10), the tab General allows you to change the following settings:

User interface

  • Language: You can select the language of the user interface, e.g. German, English, French, Dutch or Spain. 
  • Theme: Here you can choose between the themes Light, Dark and System. The selected theme will be applied each time you close the options by clicking OK.

Program Start

  • Start mode: From the drop down list, define how Password Depot will be started: In a normal window, minimized to tray, in the top bar or in the last state it was used.
  • Start in locked mode: The program is always launched in locked state so that you will have to enter the master password to unlock it from the system tray.
  • Launch application on Windows startup: Activate this option if you wish to start the program when launching Windows.

    • Delay start for: It may be helpful to delay the start of Password Depot by a certain number of seconds. For example, if your Windows needs some time before connecting to required network drives.
  • Open last used database at program start: Activate this option to load the same database as last time when starting the program.
  • Store lists of used databases and key files: Check this option and the program will save a list of databases and key files which you have used recently. You can see your recently used files in the main menu and on the Most Recently Used tab when opening a file.

Update settings

  • Automatic updates: Here, you can choose between three options for automatic updates - "Download updates and prompt to install", "Notify when updates are available," and "Do not check for updates automatically".
  • Interval (days): Choose an update interval, measured by days.