Options - Passwords

In the program's Options (Edit Options or F10), the tab Passwords allows you to modify the settings of your saved passwords.


  • Default auto-complete methode: Allows you to define which auto-complete method will be selected for new password entries by default.
  • Default auto-complete sequence:  Allows you to define which auto-complete sequence will be selected for new password entries by default.
  • Default expiration period for passwords: You can define a period here, after which your passwords will expire by default, for example 3 months. This expiry date is used as a reminder to change your passwords regularly. If you want to change the expiry date for a specific password, select it, click Properties and change the according option on the General tab.
  • Show warning for expired passwords: If you check this option, you will receive a warning by the program if passwords have expired. If you check it, you can set the number of days on which you will be shown a warning before the password expires.

Master Password Analyzer

You can create your own policies in this area to define the minimum quality of master passwords for new databases.

  • Minimum length: This policy sets the minimum number of characters a password must have. A higher value increases security by preventing weak, short passwords.
  • Password must contain: This policy defines the password composition requirements, such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. By combining different character types, password security is increased, making it harder to guess or crack.
  • Enforce password history: This is a security option that prevents users from reusing the same password in a short period of time. When this option is enabled, Password Depot stores a specific number of previous passwords for each entry and ensures they are not reused when selecting a new password. The value for this option can be set between 0 and 24, where 0 means no password history is enforced, and 24 is the maximum number of stored passwords.
  • Password expires in: This is an option that indicates how long a user password is valid before it expires and the user is prompted to create a new password. The option can be set in days and can range between 0 and 730. When the value is set to 0, the password never expires.
  • Minimum password age: This is a security setting that specifies how many days must be waited before a password can be changed. This setting is designed to prevent passwords from being repeatedly changed immediately to bypass the password history. The value for this option can be set between 0 and 365 days. With a value of 0, no minimum age is set, and the password can be changed at any time.