Update Web Form Data

This function is used to correct and update web form data. Normally, our browser add-on can automatically recognize and fill in username and password fields without any further action. In cases where the fields of a website are not recognized correctly, this function is the right tool for updating the fields. Our tool offers the following options:

Login page: This option redirects you to the URL you entered in the URLs tab of the corresponding entry. We strongly recommend entering the URL where the registration form is always located.

Arrows: If you have clicked on a link within the opened page, you can use the arrows to switch between pages.

Fill in web form: This option will automatically fill in the web form for you. If any fields are filled in incorrectly, please edit them accordingly.

Edit field: This option allows you to edit the value and input element of a specific/selected field. If the option is grayed out, please select a field from the right panel.

Update web form: Drag fields from the right pane to the appropriate input fields and click on Update Web Form to update the view of the right panel.