In this tab you can set a specific password policy which will be mandatory for all clients.

For instance, you can ensure that passwords are examined for their resistance against dictionary attacks. Additionally, you can define policies regarding minimum length and complexity of new or edited passwords. Please note that these policies are only obligatory for passwords generated by Password Depot. Furthermore, you can enforce the use of a second password for authorized users

NOTE: The password policy is strictly applied to passwords only created by the client's password generator. For example, if a user creates their own password which does not correspond to the server's password policy, a warning will be displayed reminding users about the policy. However, users are not forced to meet the criteria set in order to avoid conflicts with any possible requirements of third parties (websites, for example). 

EXAMPLE: If you activate the option Check passwords quality against dictionary attacks a warning will be displayed in the client each time a user uses a password or a string of characters that can also be found in dictionaries. 

NOTE: By clicking Restore default settings you can reset the default settings in the Security tab and thus discard changes.