New Database

To create a new database, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Database Manager by clicking Database → Database Manager.
  • Select a storage location on the left.
  • Click New database.
  • Name the new database. If desired, add a description.
  • Select an authentication method. You can choose from a master password, a key file or a combination of master password and key file.
    • When choosing an authentication method that uses a master password, enter a desired master password or generate one with the master password generator by clicking the star symbol. Repeat the master password. Its quality will be displayed below. Enter a hint for your master password, if desired. Additionally, you can check if your master password is found in Pwned databases, which contain credentials that are known to have been breached.
    • When choosing an authentication method that uses a key file, you can either search for an existing key file by clicking the folder symbol or generate a new key file by clicking the star symbol.
  • Click OK when you are done.

 WARNING: If you forget your master password and have not entered a hint that might help you, there is no way to access your database!

  NOTE: If you only use a key file to authenticate, always be sure to keep it in a secure location. Otherwise, anyone who has access to your key file will have access to your database.