Folder Properties

This dialog box allows you to view and edit the properties of a selected folder of password entries.

You can call this window up by right clicking on a folder and then selecting Properties in the window that opens.

In the window's upper third, you have following options:

  • Name: Allows you to modify the folder's name, simply by typing into the field.
  • Change Icon: Click this button to change the icon that represents the folder in the navigation area. There opens the window Select Image. Here you can either choose from a large number of integrated symbols (tab Standard) or select your own icon (tab Custom).
  • Reset Icon: Sets the icon back to its initial state.

In the middle of the window are fields providing additional information about the selected folder:

  • Type.
  • Location: Indicates the path to this folder.

NOTE: The field Location is empty if the selected folder is the root directory (i.e. it contains all other folders), as it does not have a path in this case. However, if the selected folder represents a subfolder (i.e. it is within one or several other folders), then the field shows the corresponding path, along the pattern "Root\Subfolder1\Subfolder2\etc.".

  • Contains: Informs about the folders and passwords contained in the folder, as well as about the number of passwords that have expired.

At the window's lower end are two further fields:

  • Category: If you like, you can assign a category to the folder. Either you type in a description yourself, or you choose one of the names from the drop-down list.
  • Comments: Provides space for any text you might like to add, e.g. a description of the folder.