Ignored URLs

This dialog shows you all websites that are currently ignored by the browser add-ons.

You can open this dialog by going to DatabaseDatabase PropertiesContent Ignored URLsEdit URLs.

  • Add: Add a site to this list of ignored web sites, enter the URL into the text field above Add and then click the button. Alternatively, you can click Ignore after you have filled in a new log in and the program asks you if you would like to save this new password entry.

NOTE: The button Add will be activated (recognizable by the button's change in color from grey to black) only after you entered at least one character into the text field for ignored websites.

  • Delete: Erases the selected URL from the list of ignored websites.
  • Replace: Replaces the selected URL from the list with the URL from the text field below it.
  • Clear: Clears the entire list of ignored websites.
  • Load from File/Save to File: Saves the ignored website to a file or loads a website from a file.

NOTE: If you included a website here, you can still fill in its data via the auto-complete function.